EMART Adjustable Telescopic Tube Backdrop Banner Stand

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Product Specification:
– Product Name: EMART 8 x 8 ft Adjustable Telescopic Tube Backdrop Banner Stand
– Kit Includes: 2 Heavy Duty Bases, 2 8 ft Adjustable Vertical Tubes, 4 4 ft Adjustable Horizontal Tubes, 2 Screws, 1 Hex Key Wrench, 2 Sandbags, 1 Carry Bag
– Customer Service: 24-hour friendly customer service
– After-sales Quality Assurance: 12 months
– Suitable for: Trade shows, conferences, store promotion banners, exhibitions etc.
– Portable: Comes with a convenient carry bag for easy storage and transportation
– Heavy Duty Metal Base: Dimensions – 17” x 3”. Provides stability and prevents falling. Takes up less space compared to a tripod.
– Background Frame: Telescopic and stepless adjustable in height (Min 3.4 ft – Max 8.2 ft) and width (Min 4.3 ft – Max 8 ft). Made of lightweight, sturdy, and durable aluminum alloy.
– Sandbag: Equipped with two sandbags for added stability. Nylon construction. Each sandbag rated for 20 lbs. Requires filling with gravel, sand, rocks, or any other material (sand not included).
– Additional Equipment: Need backdrop (ASIN: B097JH2YL1)

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Editor’s Review

EMART 8 x 8 ft Adjustable Telescopic Tube Backdrop Banner Stand: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to professional photography backdrops and trade show displays, having a reliable and versatile backdrop stand is essential. The EMART 8 x 8 ft Adjustable Telescopic Tube Backdrop Banner Stand is a heavy-duty and durable option that offers convenience and stability. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the features, benefits, and performance of this backdrop stand kit.

Key Features

  • (2) x Heavy Duty Base
  • (2) x 8 ft Adjustable Vertical Tube
  • (4) x 4 ft Adjustable Horizontal Tube
  • (2) x Screw
  • (1) x Hex Key Wrench
  • (2) x Sandbag
  • (1) x Carry Bag
  • 24-hour friendly customer service
  • 12 months after-sales quality assurance

The EMART backdrop stand kit includes all the necessary components for a hassle-free setup. The heavy-duty base provides stability and prevents the stand from falling. Measuring 17″ x 3″, the base is compact and takes up minimal space, allowing for easy movement around the display area. Even in windy conditions, the base holds up well and keeps the entire stand secure.

Adjustable Telescopic Tubes

One of the standout features of this backdrop stand kit is its telescopic stepless adjustable design. The vertical tubes can be adjusted from a minimum height of 3.4 ft to a maximum height of 8.2 ft, providing flexibility for different types of backdrops. Similarly, the horizontal tubes can be adjusted from a minimum width of 4.3 ft to a maximum width of 8 ft. This versatility ensures that the stand can accommodate a range of backdrop sizes, making it ideal for trade shows, conferences, store promotions, and exhibitions.

The tubes are made of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy. This material ensures that the stand is sturdy and can withstand regular use without bending or warping. The stepless adjustment mechanism allows for seamless changes in height and width, making it easy to customize the display according to specific needs.

Stability Features

To further enhance stability, the EMART backdrop stand kit includes two sandbags. These sandbags, made of durable nylon, can be filled with gravel, sand, rocks, or any other heavy material to add weight. Each sandbag is rated for up to 20 lbs, providing ample stability to keep the stand secure even in high-traffic areas or outdoor environments.

Convenience and Portability

The EMART backdrop stand kit is designed for convenience and portability. The entire kit can be easily stored and transported in the included carry bag. This bag protects the individual components and allows for easy organization. Whether you need to travel to a trade show or set up a backdrop for a photoshoot, the carry bag ensures that all the necessary parts are in one place and ready to go.

The lightweight construction of the backdrop stand itself also contributes to its portability. Despite its heavy-duty performance, the stand is relatively light and easy to move around. This makes it suitable for on-the-go photographers or event organizers who frequently need to set up and take down backdrops.

Customer Service and Quality Assurance

EMART stands behind the quality and performance of their products. The backdrop stand kit comes with a 12-month after-sales quality assurance, providing peace of mind to customers. Additionally, their 24-hour friendly customer service ensures that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

In Conclusion

The EMART 8 x 8 ft Adjustable Telescopic Tube Backdrop Banner Stand is a versatile and reliable solution for photographers, event organizers, and businesses in need of professional backdrops. With its heavy-duty metal base, adjustable telescopic tubes, stability features, and convenient portability, this backdrop stand kit offers everything needed for successful trade shows, conferences, promotions, and exhibitions. Backed by EMART’s customer service and quality assurance, this backdrop stand is a valuable investment for any professional in the photography or event industry.

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