Dokumaru Twist Ties


Product Specification:
– Product Name: Dokumaru Twist Ties
– Material: High-quality green PE coating with iron wire inside
– Color: Black
– Length: 656 Feet/200 meters
– Features:
– Superior material that is durable and rust-resistant
– Labor-saving cutter for easy and convenient cutting
– Supports plants for better erect growth and organization
– Multiple-purpose usage for indoor and outdoor plants, as well as organizing cables and wires
– Package: Comes in a roll and has an outside reel for easy storage
– Customer Support: Contact us for any questions or suggestions

Dokumaru Twist Ties 656 Feet Plastic Plant with Cutter,Black Garden Plants Ties Multi-Use for Secure Vines Upgraded Garden Ties Plant Support Gardening and Home and Office Use...
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: The garden wire is made of high-quality green PE coating with iron wire inside. Its flexibility is very high, you can easily use to...
  • LABOR-SAVING CUTTER: The Twist Ties with a cutter, easy to use, according to the need of convenient and fast cutting green coating plant wire; Put the...
  • SUPPORT PLANTS: The plant ties for climbing plants using to tie up and support plants easily, it can help plant for better erect growth and avoid...
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE: Plastic-coated garden cable ties are widely used in gardens, homes and offices to organize not only indoor potted plants and outdoor...
  • GREAT LENGTH: This roll of plant ties has 656 Feet/200 meters for widely use. The outside reel keeps the strap neat and easy to store. Besides, if you...

Editor’s Review


The Dokumaru Twist Ties are manufactured using high-quality green PE coating with iron wire inside. This combination of materials ensures superior flexibility, allowing for easy tying of plants or other objects. The durability of these twist ties is exceptional, as they are designed to resist rusting or breaking even under harsh conditions.


One of the standout features of the Dokumaru Twist Ties is the inclusion of a cutter. This cutter is conveniently located on the twist ties themselves, making it easy and quick to cut the green coating plant wire as needed. By simply placing the garden ties under the cutter and pressing down, you can cut the wire without the risk of injuring your fingers. This labor-saving feature enhances the overall usability of these twist ties.


With the Dokumaru Twist Ties, you can easily tie up and support climbing plants. These twist ties are designed specifically for this purpose, enabling you to ensure the proper growth and support of your plants. By using these ties, you can help your plants grow in an erect manner, ensuring a well-organized and visually appealing garden. Whether it’s seedlings, vines, tomatoes or flowers, these twist ties are perfect for securing them to wooden stakes or other supports.


The utility of the Dokumaru Twist Ties extends beyond just gardening. These plastic-coated garden cable ties have a wide range of applications in gardens, homes, and offices. You can use them to organize not only indoor potted plants and outdoor plants but also to manage headphone cables, USB cables, computer power cables, charging cables, and other wires. This versatility makes them a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to maintain a neat and tidy space.


The Dokumaru Twist Ties come in a generous length of 656 feet or 200 meters. This ample amount of twist ties ensures that you have enough for multiple uses. You won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. Additionally, the twist ties are stored on an outside reel, making it easy to keep the strap neat and tidy during storage. This convenience factor is a welcome addition for those who value organization in their gardening or workspace.

  • High-quality green PE coating with iron wire inside
  • Flexible and durable, resistant to rusting or breaking
  • Included cutter for convenient and safe wire cutting
  • Designed for tying up and supporting climbing plants
  • Perfect for securing seedlings, vines, tomatoes, and flowers
  • Wide range of applications in gardens, homes, and offices
  • Can be used to organize various types of cables and wires
  • Length of 656 feet ensures ample supply for multiple uses
  • Stored on outside reel for easy and neat storage

In conclusion, the Dokumaru Twist Ties are an exceptional product that offers superior quality, durability, and flexibility. The inclusion of a labor-saving cutter adds to the overall usability of these twist ties, making them a convenient tool for gardeners and individuals in need of cable organization. The ability to support and secure climbing plants further enhances their functionality, ensuring better growth and a more attractive garden. With a length of 656 feet, these twist ties provide ample supply for a variety of uses. Whether in the garden, home, or office, the Dokumaru Twist Ties are a versatile and reliable solution.

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