Codree Hot Tub Mat


Product Specification:
– Product Name: Codree 74 x 72 Inch Hot Tub Mat
– Function: Hot tub flooring protector mat
– Usage: To prevent friction between the hot tub and the floor, protecting both
– Material: Felt and PVC
– Features:
– Absorbent surface to prevent water splashing and protect the floor from humidity
– Large size of 74″ x 72″ to fit most hot tubs
– Can be cut to desired size
– Easy to use, simply unfold and lay flat under the hot tub
– Durable material with strong water absorption and non-slip/wear-resistant bottom
– Can be folded up for easy storage
– Applications: Suitable for hot tubs, above ground pools, yoga mats, treadmill mats, BBQ mats, etc.
– Reusability: Can be reused multiple times
– Additional Benefits: Extends the life of bathtubs and wood floors by preventing wear
Note: The dimensions, materials, and usage options mentioned above are based on the provided information.

codree 74 x 72 Inch Hot Tub Mat-Absorbent Hot Tub Flooring Protector Mat-Waterproof Home Equipment Mat for Protect The Outdoor Hot Tub Pool from Wear
  • Hot tub mat:This mat is mainly used to prevent the friction between the bathtub and the floor, so as to protect the hot tub and the floor. It can...
  • Large size: Our hot tub mat measures 74" x 72" large enough to fit most hot tubs, preventing hot water from leaking onto wood floors. You can also cut...
  • Easy to use: You only need to unfold the mat and lay it flat under the hot tub. It protect the hot tub from wear. After using the pad, it can be...
  • Durable material:Made of felt and PVC material,The surface is made of felt material, which has strong water absorption and prevents leakage. The...
  • Wide applications:Our mats can be used not only for hot tubs, but also as above ground pool mats, yoga mats, treadmill mats, BBQ mats, and more. Very...

Editor’s Review


The Codree 74 x 72 Inch Hot Tub Mat is a versatile and practical product designed to protect both your hot tub and the surrounding floor. Made from durable felt and PVC materials, this mat absorbs water splashes and prevents damage to your floors, extending the life of your hot tub and wood floors. With its large size and easy-to-use design, the Codree Hot Tub Mat is a reliable and convenient solution for any hot tub owner.

Large Size for Maximum Coverage

Measuring 74″ x 72″, the Codree Hot Tub Mat is large enough to accommodate most hot tubs, providing maximum coverage and preventing hot water from leaking onto wood floors. Its generous dimensions ensure that your entire hot tub area remains protected, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your relaxing soak. If your hot tub is smaller than the mat’s size, you can easily cut it to fit your specific needs.

Effortless Installation and Storage

Using the Codree Hot Tub Mat is a breeze. Simply unfold the mat and lay it flat underneath your hot tub, ensuring that it covers the entire area where water may splash. The mat will effectively prevent wear and tear on both the hot tub and the floor, keeping them in pristine condition. When you’re done using the mat, it can be easily folded up for compact storage. Its lightweight design and foldable feature make it convenient to store when not in use.

Durable and Reliable Materials

The Codree Hot Tub Mat is crafted with durability in mind. The surface of the mat is made of high-quality felt material, which has excellent water absorption capabilities. This prevents leakage and ensures that your floors remain dry and protected. The bottom of the mat is constructed with PVC, a material known for its non-slip and wear-resistant properties. This combination of materials guarantees the longevity of the mat and provides effective floor protection.

Multi-Purpose Applications

While primarily designed for hot tubs, the Codree Hot Tub Mat is a versatile product that can be used in various ways. Its durability and functionality make it suitable for different situations. Apart from hot tubs, it can be used as an above-ground pool mat, yoga mat, treadmill mat, or even a BBQ mat. The possibilities are endless, and the mat can be conveniently repurposed for different needs. With its reusable nature, this mat is a cost-effective solution for multiple applications.


In summary, the Codree 74 x 72 Inch Hot Tub Mat is a reliable and practical accessory for any hot tub owner. Its large size, easy installation, and compact storage make it a user-friendly product that provides maximum protection for your hot tub and floors. The durable felt and PVC materials ensure the longevity of the mat, while its multi-purpose applications add extra value to its functionality. Whether you’re looking to protect your hot tub, wood floors, or explore other uses, the Codree Hot Tub Mat is an excellent investment that will serve you well for years to come.

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