CLKJ Inflatable Pool


Product Specification:
– Product Name: CLKJ Inflatable Pool
– Size: 428x195x60cm/168x77x24in
– Age range: Ages 3+
– Material: High-quality PVC
– Thickened bottom for durability
– Temperature resistance: Up to 70 degrees Celsius
– Wear-resistant and anti-exposure
– Automatic inflation with a high-tech flash charging pump
– Wireless core flash charging for power storage
– Large-capacity power storage for multiple uses
– Multi-purpose use: Can be used to play with family, as a ball pit, or private playground for children
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– Ideal for summer swimming and water play
– Provides fun and entertainment for kids
– Quality customer service available

CLKJ Inflatable Pool, Full-Sized Kiddie Pool, with Automatic Inflation Durable Blow Up Pool for Ages 3+, Outdoor, Garden, Backyard, Summer Swim Center,428x195x60cm/168x77x24in
  • Materials: Our products are made of high-quality PVC materials, and the bottom of the pool is thickened. It can withstand a high temperature of 70...
  • High-tech flash chargingpump: wireless core flash charging supports power storage, and you can play outdoors without a power supply. Large-capacity...
  • Multi-purpose: Our swimming pool can not only share happy time with the family, place bubble balls in the pool, but also become a private playground...
  • Ideal Blow Up Pool: The kids pool is a summer must have for your kid playing in water. It can also be used as a ball pit for toddlers to play in,...
  • Quality Service: We will fight side by side with you with excellent customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Editor’s Review


In the scorching heat of summer, nothing beats the joy of splashing around in a cool and refreshing pool. The CLKJ Inflatable Pool offers the perfect solution for families looking for a durable and convenient pool option. Designed with high-quality materials and equipped with a unique high-tech flash charging pump, this full-sized kiddie pool is perfect for all ages. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, benefits, and versatility of the CLKJ Inflatable Pool, highlighting its design, functionality, and customer service.

Materials and Durability

The CLKJ Inflatable Pool is crafted from high-quality PVC materials, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The bottom of the pool is specifically thickened to enhance durability and withstand high temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. This feature allows families to enjoy uninterrupted fun and bonding time in the pool, even during scorching summer days. The pool’s resistance to exposure makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use, as it can withstand the harsh sun without compromising its integrity.

High-Tech Flash Charging Pump

One of the standout features of the CLKJ Inflatable Pool is its high-tech flash charging pump. This wireless core flash charging pump eliminates the need for a power supply, providing the convenience and flexibility to play outdoors without limitations. With its large-capacity power storage, the pump allows for multiple uses on a single charge. Families can enjoy the pool for extended periods without worrying about power or finding a nearby electrical outlet. The flash charging pump is easy to use and ensures hassle-free inflation of the pool in no time.

Multi-Purpose Use

The CLKJ Inflatable Pool offers versatile usage options for families. Not only does it serve as a place for the entire family to have fun and relax, but it also doubles as a private playground for children. The pool’s spacious design allows kids to engage in various water activities, such as swimming, playing with toys, or even enjoying a game of pool basketball. Additionally, the pool can be transformed into a ball pit for toddlers, providing endless entertainment for the little ones. The multi-purpose nature of this pool makes it an appealing choice for families with different age groups, ensuring everyone can have a great time.

Ideal Blow Up Pool

With its full-sized dimensions, the CLKJ Inflatable Pool is the ideal choice for a kiddie pool. Its size offers ample space for kids to swim and play comfortably. The pool’s depth is perfect for children aged 3 and above, ensuring their safety while allowing them to enjoy the water. The sturdy and durable construction of the pool guarantees longevity and reliability, making it a must-have for those seeking a long-term investment. Whether it is for a backyard gathering or a fun-filled afternoon at the beach, this blow-up pool caters to both indoor and outdoor usage, providing endless entertainment for kids and families.

Quality Service

CLKJ takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. The CLKJ Inflatable Pool comes with excellent customer service, ensuring that any concerns or queries are promptly addressed. The company is dedicated to standing side by side with its customers, offering support and assistance throughout the ownership of their products. Whether it is a question about the pool’s usage or a request for troubleshooting, CLKJ’s quality service team is always ready to provide the necessary guidance. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are backed by dependable customer support.


In summary, the CLKJ Inflatable Pool is a top-notch choice for families seeking a high-quality, durable, and versatile pool option. With its superior PVC materials, thickened bottom, and resistance to high temperatures, this pool offers a reliable and durable solution for summer fun. The inclusion of a high-tech flash charging pump adds a unique touch of convenience, allowing for wireless inflation without the need for a power supply. The multi-purpose nature of the pool caters to various age groups and activities, making it an excellent investment for families. Coupled with CLKJ’s exceptional customer service, the CLKJ Inflatable Pool proves to be a reliable and enjoyable addition to any outdoor or indoor gathering.

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