CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD 16″ WizPadCover 2 Pack


Product Specification:
РProduct Name: CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16”
РPurpose: Prevent imprints, marks, and oil transfers onto 16” MacBooks Pro and computer laptops screens when the lid is closed
– Contents: 2 pack cloths
РScreen/Keyboard Cover: Fits 16” screens and keyboard area
– Imprint Protection: Microfiber liner prevents screen damage and keyboard imprints or marks
– Designed by: Moojou of Denmark
– Compatible with: MacBooks and computer laptops
– Material: Ultra-soft, lint-free, reusable, washable, non-abrasive, anti-scratch, absorbent and eco-friendly microfiber fabric
– Designed for: Laptops Protection
– Dimensions: 14 in x 9 in (355.6 mm x 228.6 mm)
– Fit: 16″ MacBook Pro and laptop 16″ screens (Check dimensions before purchase)
– Different sets available to fit specific models and brands
– Protects the camera lens or retina
– Superior screen protection and cleaning properties: Removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, grime, oil, and dirt from screens and other smooth surfaces
– Suitable for screens, camera lens, and laptop screens
– Reusable, washable, and durable for long-lasting usage.

CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16” Prevent Imprints Marks onto 16” MacBooks Pro and Computer Laptop, 2 Pack Cloths16” Screen /Keyboard Cover and Cleaning
  • Imprint protection microfiber liner prevent screen damage and prevent keyboard imprints or marks and oil transferred onto MacBook screens and computer...
  • Designed to prevent keyboard imprints and oil transfers onto MacBook screens. Ultra-Soft, lint free, reusable, washable, non-abrasive, anti-scratch,...
  • Dimensions: 14 in x 9 in (355.6 mm x 228.6 mm) Fit 16" MacBook Pro, laptop 16" screens. Check your dimensions before purchase. We offer different sets...
  • Fit precisely to cover the keyboard and trackpad area of your 16 inch MacBook or 16 " Laptops Screen. Most importantly, protects the camera lens or...
  • Reusable and washable, durable and last longer. Superior screen protection and cleaning, removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, grime, oil, and dirt...

Editor’s Review

Product Review: CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16”


The CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16” is a fantastic accessory for 16” MacBooks Pro and computer laptops. It is designed to prevent imprints, marks, and oil transfer onto the screens of these devices when the lid is closed. In this extensive product review, we will delve deeper into the features and benefits of this screen and keyboard cover, highlighting its effectiveness in protecting your valuable MacBook or laptop.

Design and Materials

The WizPadCover 16” is designed by Moojou of Denmark, known for their exceptional quality computer accessories. The cover is made from ultra-soft, lint-free, reusable, and washable microfiber fabric. This eco-friendly material is non-abrasive, anti-scratch, and highly absorbent. It is specifically designed for laptops, ensuring the utmost protection without causing any damage to the screen or keyboard area.

Imprint and Oil Protection

One of the main purposes of the CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16” is to prevent keyboard imprints and oil transfers onto MacBook screens. The perfectly fitted cover ensures that no imprints or marks are left behind when you close the lid of your 16” MacBook Pro or laptop. This is particularly important for MacBook users who often find keyboard imprints on their screens, which can be frustrating and unsightly. With this WizPadCover, you can bid farewell to those annoying imprints and enjoy a clean screen every time you open your laptop.

Superior Cleaning Performance

Not only does the WizPadCover protect your screen from imprints, but it also excels in screen cleaning. Using the superior microfiber material, it effectively removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, grime, oil, and dirt from screens and other smooth surfaces. The lint-free and anti-static properties of the microfiber fabric ensure that no particles are left behind, providing a crystal clear view. This makes it an ideal choice for cleaning camera lenses, laptop screens, and other delicate surfaces.

Perfect Fit for 16” MacBooks and Laptops

The WizPadCover 16” is specifically designed to fit 16” MacBook Pro and laptop screens. With dimensions of 14 in x 9 in (355.6 mm x 228.6 mm), it precisely covers the keyboard and trackpad area, ensuring complete protection. It is important to check the dimensions of your device before making a purchase, as the WizPadCover is available in different sets to fit specific models and brands. This customization option ensures that every user can find the perfect cover for their device.

Durability and Reusability

One of the standout features of the WizPadCover 16” is its durability and reusability. Made from high-quality microfiber fabric, it is designed to last longer than other cloth-based screen protectors. The cover can be washed multiple times without losing its effectiveness. Simply toss it in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new, ready to protect and clean your screen once again. This not only saves you money in the long run but also contributes to reducing waste and environmental impact.

Versatility and Safety

While the WizPadCover 16” is primarily designed for MacBook screens, it is also safe to use on other laptop screens and camera lenses. The lint-free and anti-scratch properties ensure that no damage is caused during cleaning or protection. It is a versatile accessory that offers a wide range of applications beyond protecting and cleaning laptop screens.


In conclusion, the CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD WizPadCover 16‚Äù is a must-have accessory for 16‚Äù MacBooks Pro and computer laptops. Its exceptional design and high-quality microfiber fabric ensure superior protection against imprints, marks, and oil transfers. Additionally, its cleaning performance is outstanding, leaving screens and other surfaces spotless. The precise fit for 16″ screens and the option to choose sets for specific models and brands add to the appeal of this product. Its durability, reusability, and eco-friendly nature make it a wise investment, both for your device’s protection and the environment. Overall, the WizPadCover 16‚Äù is a highly recommended product for anyone looking to keep their MacBook or laptop screen pristine and clear.

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