Clamp Stand


Product Specification:
– Product: Walimex Clamp Stand
– Type: Screw clamp
– Usage: Fixation on countertops, doors, and objects up to a thickness of 6cm
– Compatible with: Cameras, compact flashes, binoculars, etc.
– Extendable height: Infinitely up to 20cm
– Footing: Skidproof with cork lining
– Material: High-quality metal
– Thread size: 1/4 inch
– Max. load capacity: Approx. 6kg
– Included in the package: 1x Walimex Clamp Stand

Walimex Clamp Stand
  • Screw clamp for fixation on countertops, doors and many other objects up to a thickness of 6cm
  • for attaching cameras, compact flashes, binoculars, etc., infinitely extendable up to a height of 20cm
  • skidproof footing due to cork lining, very solid, high quality metal working
  • with 1/4 inch thread, max. load capacity: approx. 6kg
  • includes: 1x walimex Clamp Stand

Editor’s Review


The Walimex Clamp Stand is a versatile and reliable tool for photographers, videographers, and enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to attach their cameras, compact flashes, binoculars, and more. With its excellent build quality and secure fixation capabilities, this product is a must-have for anyone in need of a sturdy support system.

Design and Build Quality

The Walimex Clamp Stand features a solid and durable metal construction, ensuring longevity and stability. The craftsmanship is evident in the high-quality metal working, which adds a touch of professionalism to the product. The clamp itself is designed to attach to countertops, doors, and various objects up to a thickness of 6cm, providing a wide range of options for positioning and securing your equipment.

Secure Fixation

One of the standout features of the Walimex Clamp Stand is its outstanding fixation capabilities. The screw clamp mechanism allows for a tight grip on surfaces, ensuring that your equipment remains securely in place during use. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor shoots or situations where stability is paramount. The cork lining on the clamp provides skidproof footing, further enhancing the product’s stability.

Infinitely Extendable

The Walimex Clamp Stand offers versatility through its ability to be infinitely extendable. With a maximum height of 20cm, this stand allows for flexible positioning and adjustments to suit your needs. Whether you need a higher perspective or a lower angle, this extendable feature ensures that you can capture your subject from any desired vantage point.


Another noteworthy aspect of the Walimex Clamp Stand is its compatibility with a wide range of equipment. The stand comes with a 1/4 inch thread, which is a standard size in the industry. This means that you can easily attach your cameras, compact flashes, binoculars, and other devices without any hassle. The versatility of this stand allows you to explore various creative possibilities without worrying about compatibility issues.

Load Capacity

Despite its compact and portable size, the Walimex Clamp Stand boasts an impressive maximum load capacity of approximately 6kg. This means that you can confidently mount your heavier equipment without the fear of it toppling over or damaging the clamp. Whether you’re using professional DSLR cameras or bulky binoculars, this stand can handle the weight with ease, giving you peace of mind during your shoots.

Practicality and Portability

The practicality and portability of the Walimex Clamp Stand make it a valuable tool for photographers on the go. Its compact size and lightweight design allow for easy transportation, making it ideal for outdoor shoots and travel. The extendable feature further enhances its portability, as it can fit into smaller bags or compartments when collapsed. The quick and easy setup process ensures that you can start shooting in no time, saving you precious minutes during hectic shoots.


Durability is a key aspect of any photography equipment, and the Walimex Clamp Stand does not disappoint. The high-quality metal construction ensures long-term reliability, even during rigorous use. The sturdy build and excellent craftsmanship make this stand capable of withstanding the demands of professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. Investing in this product means investing in a tool that will last for years to come.

Included Accessories

The Walimex Clamp Stand comes with 1x walimex Clamp Stand, as mentioned in the product description. Although additional accessories are not included, the stand’s compatibility with standard equipment attachments means you can easily add on any necessary accessories, such as articulating arms or brackets, to enhance functionality and expand your shooting options.


In conclusion, the Walimex Clamp Stand is a versatile and reliable tool that offers secure fixation, excellent build quality, and compatibility with various equipment. Its infinitely extendable design, compact size, and impressive load capacity make it a practical and portable option for photographers and videographers. Whether you’re a professional in need of a sturdy support system or an enthusiast looking to explore new creative possibilities, this clamp stand is a worthy investment. With its solid construction and durability, it is sure to provide years of reliable service.

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