BzBirds 6 inch 11 Gauge Garden Landscape Staples


Product Specifications:

– Brand: BzBirds
– Country of Origin: USA
– Material: Galvanized steel
– Gauge: 11
– Length: 6 inches
– Width: 1 inch
– Design: Professionally designed, heavy duty landscape pins
– Easy to Use: Sharp angled edges for easy penetration
– Rust Resistance: Made of anti-rust durable galvanized steel
– Multipurpose: Suitable for anchoring landscape fabric, drip irrigation pipes, frost protector fabric, artificial turf, tents, bird netting, outdoor mats, cat deterrent squares, chicken wire, plastic items, chain link, pet fences, and edging
– Reusable: Can be used multiple times
– Satisfaction Guarantee: The company offers customer support to address any issues.

BzBirds USA Made Landscape Staples 6 inch 11 Gauge Garden Stakes Galvanized SOD Pins Lawn Stake for Weed Barrier Fabric Ground Cover Holding Fence Christmas Decorations...
  • Heavy duty 11 Gauge 6 inch length - These USA made premium high-quality professional garden staples with 6 inch length and 1 inch width....
  • Easy to use - Easy to use sod staples with sharp angled edges that makes yard stakes penetration easy into a wide variety of surfaces including soil,...
  • Anti-rust durable Galvanized steel - Our landscape fabric stakes are made of anti-rust durable galvanized steel. Strong enough weed barrier stakes to...
  • Multipurpose & reusable - Use the galvanized yard staples for anchoring landscape fabric staples, drip irrigation pipes, frost protector fabric and...
  • Satisfaction - We are sure about the quality of our professional-grade landscaping staples, but if you still face any issue, feel free to reach out to...

Editor’s Review

BzBirds USA Made 6 inch 11 Gauge Garden Landscape Staples Galvanized SOD Pins Lawn Stakes for Weed Barrier Fabric, Ground Cover, Holding Fence and Artificial Turf: A Heavy-Duty Solution for Your Garden


Maintaining a garden or a landscape requires proper tools and equipment to ensure that everything stays in place and looks its best. One essential tool that every gardener needs is a reliable set of garden landscape staples. The BzBirds USA Made 6 inch 11 Gauge Garden Landscape Staples are an excellent choice for any gardening enthusiast. These 6-inch long, 11-gauge staples are designed to securely hold a variety of objects in different outdoor settings. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features and benefits of these high-quality landscape staples.

Key Features

1. Heavy-duty 11 Gauge 6-inch length

The BzBirds USA Made Garden Landscape Staples are crafted with utmost precision and are made to withstand heavy-duty use. With a thickness of 11 gauge, these premium staples offer exceptional strength and durability. The 6-inch length provides ample stability, ensuring that your garden or landscaping objects stay firmly in place.

2. Easy to use

One of the standout features of these garden landscape staples is their ease of use. The sharp angled edges make it effortless to penetrate a wide variety of surfaces, including soil, landscape fabric, gardens, and wood. You won’t have to struggle with inserting these staples into the ground or other materials. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

3. Anti-rust durable Galvanized steel

The durability of garden staples is of utmost importance, as they are exposed to various weather conditions. The BzBirds USA Made Garden Landscape Staples are constructed with anti-rust galvanized steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance against environmental elements. You can trust these staples to withstand moisture, UV rays, and other outdoor stresses without compromising their strength or integrity.

4. Multipurpose and reusable

These garden landscape staples offer versatility that goes beyond just holding down weed barrier fabric. They can be used to anchor landscape fabric staples, drip irrigation pipes, frost protector fabric, and artificial turf. Additionally, these staples can secure a range of outdoor items, such as tents, bird netting, outdoor mats, cat deterrent squares, chicken wire, plastic items, chain link, pet fences, and edging. The reusable nature of the staples makes them a cost-effective investment for all your landscaping projects.

5. Satisfaction and customer service

The BzBirds brand places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. While they are confident in the quality of their landscaping staples, they are also committed to resolving any issues that customers may face. If you encounter any problems or have questions, their customer service team is readily available to assist you. This dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to BzBirds’ commitment to delivering the best products and service.


1. Superior strength and durability

The combination of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and galvanization ensures that these garden landscape staples possess unparalleled strength and longevity. You can rely on them to securely hold various objects in your garden or landscape, even in challenging weather conditions. Their durability means you won’t have to constantly replace them, saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Versatile and multipurpose

The BzBirds USA Made Garden Landscape Staples offer incredible versatility. Whether you need to secure weed barrier fabric, anchor frost protector fabric, or hold down artificial turf, these staples have got you covered. Their compatibility with a wide selection of outdoor items and materials makes them an indispensable tool for any gardener or landscaper.

3. Easy installation

Thanks to their sharp angled edges, these garden landscape staples are designed for easy installation. You can effortlessly insert them into various surfaces without the need for excessive force or complicated tools. This user-friendly design ensures that you can get your landscaping tasks done efficiently, allowing you to fully enjoy the process without unnecessary hassle.

4. Long-lasting performance

The anti-rust galvanized steel construction of the BzBirds USA Made Garden Landscape Staples ensures exceptional resistance against corrosion and weather-related damage. These staples are specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements, making them a reliable investment for all your gardening and landscaping needs. You can trust them to retain their strength and integrity over extended periods of use.


In conclusion, the BzBirds USA Made 6 inch 11 Gauge Garden Landscape Staples are a highly recommended addition to any gardener or landscaper’s toolkit. With their heavy-duty construction, ease of use, and multipurpose functionality, these staples offer exceptional value for money. The galvanized steel ensures long-lasting performance, preventing rust and corrosion. Furthermore, BzBirds’ commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees that you will receive unparalleled service and support. Invest in the BzBirds USA Made Garden Landscape Staples and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your gardening and landscaping endeavors.

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