Brinly Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader


Product Specification:

– Model: Brinly AS2-40BH-P
– Type: Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader
– Aeration Method: 3-D Tines in galvanized steel
– Spreading Method: Seed, fertilizer or lime drop
– Material: Rigid steel weight tray, durable steel hopper, metal tow tube
– Weight Tray Capacity: Holds up to 75 pounds of extra weight
– Aeration Depth: Up to 2 inches
– Hopper Capacity: 100 lbs or 1.74 cu. ft.
– Tine Tips: 132
– Spread Pattern Control: Calibrated flow control with adjustable stop
– Transport Mode: 10″ pneumatic transport wheels for easy crossing of driveways and sidewalks
– Assembly Time: 30 minutes
– Compatibility: Attaches to any rider, tractor, ZTR, or ATV
– Hitch Pin: Heavy-duty universal Hitch Pin included
– Color: Flat Black

Brinly AS2-40BH-P Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader with Weight Tray, 40-Inch, Flat Black
  • 2-in-1 design: The combo aerator spreader drops seed, fertilizer or lime while you aerate to expedite your time in the lawn and ensures material...
  • Includes Weight Tray: The included rigid steel weight tray holds up to 75 pounds of extra weight for maximum soil penetration and depth, even in hard...
  • NEW 3-D Tines for 2X the Strength: Brinly's Patent-Pending 3-D tines in galvanized steel inhibit rust and resist bending, even in compacted soil
  • All Steel Hopper: With a 100 lb. (1.74 cu. ft.) capacity, the durable steel hopper prevents twisting and flexing for long-lasting durability.
  • Encourage healthy growth: Featuring 132 tine tips, the 8" diameter steel stars perforate the soil up to 2″ deep providing access for air, water, and...
  • Calibrated flow control: The flow control feature includes an adjustable stop to ensure accurate spread patterns with minimal waste.
  • Transport Mode: Use the single lever to engage the 10" pneumatic transport wheels to cross driveways and sidewalks with ease
  • Heavy Tubular Steel Design & Nylon Spacers: The metal tow tube design and solid tine shaft with nylon spacers ensures maximum dependability.

Editor’s Review


The Brinly AS2-40BH-P Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader with Weight Tray is a versatile and efficient tool for aerating and spreading materials in your lawn. With its 2-in-1 design and various features, it aims to save time and promote healthy growth in your garden.

2-in-1 Design

One of the standout features of the Brinly AS2-40BH-P is its 2-in-1 design, which allows you to drop seed, fertilizer, or lime while aerating your lawn. This unique combination expedites your time in the lawn, saving you effort and allowing for efficient use of resources. By ensuring that the materials enter the soil during aeration, it promotes better absorption and utilization.

Weight Tray for Maximum Soil Penetration

The Brinly AS2-40BH-P comes with a rigid steel weight tray that can hold up to 75 pounds of extra weight. This feature is especially useful in hard terrains, as the added weight helps to maximize soil penetration and depth. With this additional weight, even compacted soil poses no problem, making it suitable for various types of lawns.

Patent-Pending 3-D Tines

Brinly’s patent-pending 3-D tines are made of galvanized steel, offering twice the strength compared to regular tines. These tines are designed to inhibit rust and resist bending, even in compacted soil. With their durability and strength, they ensure long-lasting performance and reliable operation.

All Steel Hopper for Durability

The Brinly AS2-40BH-P features an all-steel hopper with a 100-pound capacity. This durable hopper prevents twisting and flexing, ensuring its longevity. With its robust construction, it can withstand challenging conditions and heavy usage, making it a reliable tool for your lawn maintenance needs.

Encouraging Healthy Growth

With 132 tine tips and 8-inch diameter steel stars, the Brinly AS2-40BH-P perforates the soil up to 2 inches deep. This aeration process provides access for air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. By improving the access of these vital components, the aerator spreader encourages healthy growth and enhances the overall appearance of your lawn.

Calibrated Flow Control

The flow control feature of the Brinly AS2-40BH-P ensures accurate spread patterns with minimal waste. It includes an adjustable stop that allows you to control the flow of materials precisely. This feature helps you to maximize the effectiveness of your spread, ensuring that every inch of your lawn receives the right amount of material.

Easy Transportation

The Brinly AS2-40BH-P features 10-inch pneumatic transport wheels that can be engaged using a single lever. This makes transporting the device across driveways and sidewalks a breeze. The smooth mobility of this aerator spreader saves you time and effort, enabling you to cover larger areas with ease.

Durable Construction

Built with a heavy tubular steel design, the Brinly AS2-40BH-P ensures maximum dependability. The metal tow tube design and solid tine shaft, along with nylon spacers, enhance the durability of the product. These features enable the aerator spreader to withstand rigorous use and varying terrains, making it a long-lasting investment for your lawn maintenance needs.

Easy Assembly

The Brinly AS2-40BH-P can be easily assembled in under 30 minutes, allowing you to start using it quickly. Additionally, a single heavy-duty universal hitch pin is included, making it compatible with various types of riders, tractors, ZTRs, or ATVs. The user-friendly design and straightforward assembly process ensure that you can start aerating and spreading materials in no time.


The Brinly AS2-40BH-P Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader with Weight Tray is a high-quality and efficient tool for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Its 2-in-1 design, weight tray, durable construction, and other features make it a reliable and convenient choice for lawn enthusiasts. With its ability to save time, enhance nutrient absorption, and improve overall growth, this aerator spreader is a valuable addition to any lawn maintenance routine. Whether you have a small or large lawn, the Brinly AS2-40BH-P is a worthwhile investment that will help you achieve exceptional results.

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