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Product Specification:
– Product Name: Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods
– Plug Diameter: Approx 1/5th of an inch (0.2 inches)
– Compatibility: Designed to fit tripods with a plug diameter of approximately 0.2 inches
– Material: Not mentioned
– Color: Not mentioned
– Weight: Not mentioned
– Dimensions: Not mentioned
– Features: Bottom hook for attaching additional weight or accessories to the tripod
– Brand: Flashpoint (Assuming based on the product name)
– Warranty: Not mentioned

Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods
  • Flashpoint Bottom Hook
  • Plug Diameter Approx.: 1/5th of an inch
  • Accessory Type: Tripod Head Bushings & Converters

Editor’s Review


Flashpoint is known for producing high-quality camera accessories, and their Bottom Hook for Tripods is no exception. Designed to provide stability and convenience, this ingenious hook is perfect for photographers and videographers on the go. With a plug diameter of approximately 1/5th of an inch, it easily fits most tripods, making it a versatile and essential tool for any photography enthusiast.

Design and Construction

The Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods boasts a sleek and durable design that is built to last. Constructed with high-quality materials, this hook is made to withstand the rigors of outdoor shoots and withstand adverse weather conditions.

The plug diameter of 1/5th of an inch ensures a snug fit on most tripods, providing a secure and stable base for your equipment. This allows you to hang weighty items, such as camera bags or sandbags, improving the stability of your tripod and reducing the risk of tipping over.

The hook itself features a strong metal construction, capable of supporting a significant amount of weight. Its compact and lightweight design adds minimal bulk to your tripod, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods is its ease of use. The hook simply attaches to the bottom of your tripod, using the plug mechanism. This ensures a secure and hassle-free installation process, saving you valuable time during shoots.

Once attached, the hook provides the perfect solution for hanging additional equipment. Whether you need to hang your camera bag, a sandbag for stability, or even a water bottle for quick access, this hook has you covered.

Improved Stability

The Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods significantly improves the stability of your tripod setup. By hanging weighty items from the hook, you effectively lower the center of gravity, minimizing the risk of your tripod toppling over due to uneven terrain or gusts of wind.

This increased stability is particularly beneficial for outdoor shoots, where unpredictable weather conditions can pose a challenge. With the Flashpoint Bottom Hook, you can confidently capture stunning shots without worrying about the safety of your equipment.


One of the key advantages of the Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods is its versatility. With a plug diameter of approximately 1/5th of an inch, it fits most tripods available in the market. This universality ensures compatibility with a wide range of tripod brands and models, making it an excellent investment for any photographer or videographer.

Additionally, the hook’s sturdy construction allows it to support various weights, giving you the flexibility to hang different items as per your shooting needs. From camera bags and sandbags to water bottles and other accessories, the possibilities are endless.


Photographers and videographers value portability as a crucial aspect of their gear. Flashpoint understands this requirement and has designed the Bottom Hook for Tripods with compactness and convenience in mind.

The lightweight construction of the hook adds negligible weight to your tripod setup, ensuring easy transport and minimal impact on your overall gear load. Furthermore, its small size allows it to fit snugly in camera bags or backpacks, making it travel-friendly for photographers constantly on the move.

Durability and Longevity

Flashpoint is renowned for its commitment to manufacturing robust and durable products, and the Bottom Hook for Tripods lives up to this reputation. The hook’s metal construction ensures longevity and resilience, capable of withstanding heavy usage and rough handling.

Its resistance to wear and tear, combined with its ability to endure harsh weather conditions, makes it a reliable companion for adventurous photographers and filmmakers. Whether you are shooting in extreme temperatures or challenging environments, this hook will withstand the test of time.


In conclusion, the Flashpoint Bottom Hook for Tripods is a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers seeking improved stability and convenience while shooting. Its sleek and sturdy design, combined with its ease of installation and versatile functionality, make it a valuable addition to any tripod setup.

With a plug diameter of approximately 1/5th of an inch, it fits most tripods, providing compatibility with a wide range of brands and models. Its ability to securely hold weighty items ensures increased stability during shoots, even in adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, its portability and durable construction make it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Flashpoint has once again delivered a high-quality product that photographers can rely on, showcasing their commitment to meeting the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike.

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