Yunseity Wearable Body Camera

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: Yunseity Wearable Body Camera – Video Resolution: HD 1080P – Lens: 180 degrees rotatable – Mounting: Body-mounted with back clip – Recording Time: Up to 5 hours – Field of Vision: Wide angle – Operation: 1 button for recording video, 1 button for capturing photos – Battery: Built-in lithium battery … Read more

WXBDD Mini Body Camera

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: WXBDD Mini Body Camera – Camera Resolution: 1296P (1080P and 720P options available) – Continuous Recording Time: – 1296P: ‚â•8 hours – 1080P: ‚â•10 hours – 720P: ‚â•12 hours – 480P: ‚â•14 hours – Lens Angle: 165 degrees – Infrared Night Vision: 6pcs up to 10 meters – USB Type: … Read more

BOBLOV M7 128G Body Camera

Specifications Product: BOBLOV M7 128G Body Camera Specifications: – 180 Rotatable Lens: Allows lens to be rotated to the desired view for shooting – Internal Memory: 128GB – Battery: 4000mAh rechargeable battery – Video Recording: Lasts for 14 hours – Video Quality: 1080P resolution – Use: Suitable for daily shooting, patrol, and police work – … Read more

Body Camera Magnet Mount

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: KSADBOSSBO Body Camera Magnet Mount – Color: Black – Material: Silicone – Suction: Strong suction magnets (6 pieces built-in) – Compatibility: Suitable for all universal brand body cameras/ body cams/ body cameras – Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.93 inches – Stability: Ensures stable and fixable attachment to clothes – Durability: … Read more