BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse


Product Specification:
– Material: Fir wood
– Structure: Solid and sturdy
– Panel Thickness: 4 mm twin-wall plastic panels
– Light Transmission: Maximum light transmission
– Heat Retention: Retains heat for early seed sprouting or plant protection in late season
– Growing Season Extension: Allows for a longer growing season
– Solar Heat Trapping: Traps solar heat to create a warmer growing environment
– Improved Harvest: Provides optimal growing conditions for improved harvest
– Propagation and Germination: Allows for propagation and germination of plants
– Rapid Growth: Plants can grow more rapidly compared to outdoor open environment
– Pest Protection: Keeps pests and harmful insects away from plants
– Insect Support: Can accommodate helpful insects such as ladybugs or grasshoppers
– Easy Assembly: Can be easily assembled within 30 minutes
– Tool Inclusion: All necessary tools are included
– Versatility: Can be placed indoors or outdoors
– Portability: Can be moved when seasons shift.

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  • πŸ₯•πŸ₯•SOLID STRUCTURE – The cold frame greenhouse is made of fir wood which is durable and sturdy, The transparent 4 mm twin-wall plastic panels...
  • πŸ₯•πŸ₯• LONGER GROWING SEASON – Inspired by the old fashioned glasshouse, the greenhouse has a clear material on the outside to let in sunlight and...
  • πŸ₯•πŸ₯• IMPROVED HARVEST – Vegetable gardening will have an improved harvest because of optimal growing conditions. Propagate and reproduce parent...
  • πŸ₯•πŸ₯• PEST PROTECTION – A greenhouse will keep pest and harmful insects away from your plants. You can also add helpful insects such as lady bugs...
  • πŸ₯•πŸ₯•EASY TO ASSEMBLE - It's easy to assemble the greenhouse within 30 minutes, all tools are included.You can put it in anyplace you want no...

Editor’s Review

Solid Structure

The BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse boasts a solid structure, thanks to its durable and sturdy construction made of fir wood. This ensures that the greenhouse can withstand various weather conditions and last for a long time. Whether it’s windy or raining, you can trust that your plants will be protected within this greenhouse.

The greenhouse features transparent 4 mm twin-wall plastic panels. These panels allow maximum light transmission, giving your plants the sunlight they need for healthy growth. Additionally, the panels retain heat, creating an optimal environment for early seed sprouting or protecting plants late in the season.

Longer Growing Season

With the BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse, you can extend your growing season. This greenhouse takes inspiration from the old-fashioned glasshouse design, featuring a clear material on the outside that lets in ample sunlight. The greenhouse effectively traps solar heat, creating a warmer growing environment.

By utilizing this greenhouse, you can get a head start on your gardening endeavors even before spring arrives. It also serves as a protective shelter during the colder fall and winter months, ensuring that your plants are shielded from harsh weather conditions. With this greenhouse, you can enjoy a longer growing season and continue nurturing your plants all year round.

Improved Harvest

One of the greatest benefits of the BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse is that it enhances your vegetable gardening experience. With optimal growing conditions provided by the greenhouse, you can expect to see an improved harvest.

The greenhouse allows you to propagate and reproduce parent plants easily. You can also germinate seeds, ensuring that they grow into healthy plants. Thanks to the controlled environment inside the greenhouse, plants can grow more rapidly compared to an outdoor open environment. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest and savor the fruits of your labor.

Pest Protection

Keeping pests and harmful insects away from your plants is crucial for their well-being. The BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse provides an effective barrier against such nuisances. By enclosing your plants within the greenhouse, you can keep them safe and secure.

Furthermore, the greenhouse allows you to add helpful insects such as ladybugs or grasshoppers. These beneficial insects can assist in caring for and maintaining your plants by eliminating harmful pests. Simply water your plants and introduce these helpful insects to ensure a healthy and thriving garden.

Easy to Assemble

With the BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse, convenience is key. This greenhouse is easy to assemble, requiring just 30 minutes of your time. All the necessary tools are included, making the setup process hassle-free.

Whether you want to place the greenhouse indoors or outdoors, it’s entirely up to you. The lightweight construction allows for easy relocation, enabling you to move the greenhouse whenever seasons shift. This versatility ensures that you can provide the best growing conditions for your plants, regardless of their changing needs.

In conclusion, the BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse is an excellent investment for any avid gardener. Its solid structure, with durable fir wood and transparent panels, guarantees the protection of your plants. The greenhouse extends the growing season and improves harvests by creating optimal conditions for growth. It also keeps pests at bay and offers easy assembly with the option of indoor or outdoor placement. With the BIGTREE Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse, you can enjoy flourishing plants and a thriving garden all year round.

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