GODOX WB100A WB100 7.2V/3000mAh Replacement Lithium Battery Pack

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: GODOX WB100A – Compatible with: Godox AD100Pro flash strobe, Godox V1: V1-S, V1-N, V1-C, V1-O, V1-F, V1-P Flash Speedlite – Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium battery – Battery Capacity: 3000mAh – Power Source: 7.2V/3000mAh Li-ion polymer battery – High-performance Panasonic Li-ion Battery – Faster charging time – Easy to use and … Read more

GODOX Battery Replacement VB26 AD100Pro V860III, Lithium Battery

Specifications – Product Name: GODOX Battery Replacement VB26 V1C V1N V1S V1F V1O V1P AD100Pro V860III-C V860III-N V860III-S V860III-F V860III-O – Battery Type: Lithium Battery – Battery Capacity: 2600mAh – Voltage: DC7.2V/2.6Ah – Flash Compatibility: Godox AD100Pro, Godox Flash V1-C V1-N V1-S V1-F V1-O V1-P, Camera Flash V860III-C V860III-N V860III-S V860III-F V860III-O – Battery Cycle … Read more

XLAQ 3.6v Compatible with Battery

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: XLAQ 3.6v – Compatibility: Battery DAITEM SH380AF Centrale-sir√®ne-√©volut, SH401AX Sirene interieure, SH402AX Sirene interieure avec, SH421AX Sirene-Flash exterieur, SH424AX Sirene-Flash exterieur – Dimensions: 75.9 x 68.5 x 43.2mm – Weight: 330g – Battery Voltage: 3.6 – Capacity: 14500mAh – Type: Lithium_manganese_dioxide – After-sales Service: 12 month Warranty and 14-day Money … Read more