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Asterix in America [VHS]
  • Roger Carel, Pierre Tornade, Henri Labussière (Actors)
  • Gerhard Hahn (Director) - Albert Uderzo (Writer)
  • Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)

Editor’s Review

Asterix in America [VHS] – A Classic Adventure for Kids


Are you looking for an entertaining and educational movie for your kids? Look no further than “Asterix in America,” a classic animated adventure that will keep your little ones engaged from start to finish. Released on VHS, this film is a timeless gem that provides fun entertainment while also teaching valuable life lessons.


Asterix in America takes viewers on a journey with the beloved Gaulish warrior, Asterix, and his loyal friend, Obelix. The story begins when Asterix receives a message from his cousin inviting him to America. Intrigued by the opportunity to discover a new land, Asterix embarks on an adventure that is both hilarious and heartwarming.


  • Asterix – The courageous and quick-witted Gaulish warrior who leads the adventure.
  • Obelix – Asterix’s faithful companion who possesses superhuman strength.
  • Esmeralda – A lively and resourceful Native American girl who assists Asterix and Obelix.
  • Big Chief Otawa – The wise and humorous leader of the Native American tribe.

The characters in this film are well-developed and endearing. Each member of the cast brings their own unique personality, adding depth and humor to the story. Kids will easily relate to the characters and will be inspired by their bravery and perseverance.

Animation and Visuals

The animation in Asterix in America is visually stunning, even by today’s standards. The attention to detail in the hand-drawn animation is impressive, creating vibrant and lively scenes that capture the essence of the story. The colors are vibrant and the fluidity of the animation keeps kids engaged throughout the film.

Furthermore, the backgrounds and landscapes are beautifully illustrated, taking viewers on a stunning visual journey through ancient Gaul and the vast landscapes of America. The action sequences are dynamic and energetic, making every moment a thrilling experience.

Storyline and Adventure

The storyline of Asterix in America is captivating and full of exciting adventures. As Asterix and Obelix explore the new world of America, they encounter various challenges and obstacles that test their courage and problem-solving skills. The plot is well-paced, with a perfect balance between action, comedy, and heartfelt moments.

Throughout the movie, viewers are treated to a delightful mix of humor, suspense, and valuable life lessons. From the importance of friendship and teamwork to the acceptance of different cultures, this film instills valuable values in children while entertaining them in an unforgettable way.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack in Asterix in America add an extra layer of excitement to the film. The catchy tunes complement the action sequences and enhance the overall viewing experience. Kids will find themselves humming along to the melodies, further immersing themselves in the world of Asterix and his adventures.

Additionally, the voice acting in the film is excellent, with each character’s voice perfectly matching their personality. This attention to detail creates a seamless and immersive experience that kids will thoroughly enjoy.

Educational Value

Asterix in America is not just a fun animated film; it also offers educational value. The movie introduces young viewers to aspects of history, culture, and tolerance. Children will learn about Native American tribes and their customs, as well as the importance of respecting and embracing different cultures and traditions.

Furthermore, the film encourages problem-solving and critical thinking as Asterix and Obelix navigate their way through challenges. The brave and determined nature of the characters serves as an inspirational example for kids, teaching them about perseverance and courage.


Asterix in America is a timeless classic that will make a great addition to any child’s movie collection. The captivating storyline, vibrant animation, well-developed characters, and educational value make it an excellent choice for both entertainment and learning. This VHS tape will provide hours of laughter and excitement, creating cherished memories for your family.

Purchase Information

You can purchase Asterix in America on VHS from various online retailers or second-hand stores. Ensure that the VHS is in good condition to ensure optimal viewing experience. Alternatively, the film may also be available for streaming or as a digital download, allowing for convenient and immediate access to the movie.

So don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure for your kids. Order your copy of Asterix in America today and embark on a journey they won’t soon forget!

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