Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510


Product specifications for the Quantum Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510:
– Underwater PAR measurements
– Datalogging capabilities
– Refined spectral response
– Cosine response
– Reliable accuracy

Quantum Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510
  • Underwater PAR Measurements
  • Datalogging Capabilites
  • Refined Spectral Response
  • Cosine Response
  • Reliable Accuracy

Editor’s Review


The Quantum Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510 is a remarkable piece of technology designed for measuring photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) underwater. This cutting-edge device offers datalogging capabilities, refined spectral response, cosine response, and reliable accuracy. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features and performance of the MQ-510, highlighting its capabilities and advantages in the realm of underwater PAR measurements.

Datalogging Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Quantum Apogee MQ-510 is its datalogging capabilities. This functionality allows users to collect and record data over an extended period, providing invaluable insights for underwater research. With the built-in datalogger, the MQ-510 can store up to 10,000 measurements in its onboard memory. The recorded data can be easily transferred to a computer using the included USB cable, enabling a thorough analysis of the underwater PAR levels.

The datalogging feature is particularly useful for long-term monitoring projects, as it eliminates the need for manual data collection and reduces the risk of human error. Moreover, the MQ-510’s datalogger can be set to measure at specific time intervals, ensuring consistent and reliable data collection over extended periods. This capability makes the MQ-510 an excellent choice for researchers aiming to study and understand the dynamics of underwater ecosystems.

Refined Spectral Response

When it comes to accurate PAR measurements, the quality of the device’s spectral response is of utmost importance. The Quantum Apogee MQ-510 excels in this aspect, offering a refined spectral response tailored specifically for underwater conditions. Its sophisticated design accounts for the unique characteristics of underwater light, ensuring accurate and precise PAR measurements.

The MQ-510’s refined spectral response enables researchers and marine biologists to accurately assess the light penetration at different depths underwater. By understanding the distribution of PAR in various aquatic environments, scientists can gain valuable insights into the health and productivity of marine ecosystems. Whether studying the effects of coral bleaching or researching the growth patterns of underwater flora, the MQ-510’s refined spectral response ensures reliable and insightful measurements.

Cosine Response

An additional feature that sets the Quantum Apogee MQ-510 apart from other underwater PAR meters is its cosine response. This feature accounts for the angular sensitivity of the device to incoming light, ensuring accurate readings regardless of the light source’s angle. The MQ-510’s cosine response guarantees that PAR measurements are not skewed by the incident angle at which the light hits the sensor.

This cosine response is especially vital for underwater measurements, as the light angle can vary significantly depending on factors such as water turbidity and surface conditions. By compensating for these variables, the MQ-510 ensures that researchers obtain true and reliable PAR readings, providing a more accurate representation of the underwater light environment.

Reliable Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to scientific measurements, and the Quantum Apogee MQ-510 lives up to its promise of providing reliable and precise PAR readings. The device underwent rigorous testing to ensure its accuracy under various conditions, making it a trusted tool for researchers and professionals in the field of aquatic sciences.

With a calibration traceable to NIST standards, the MQ-510 guarantees highly accurate PAR measurements. The Quantum Apogee brand is renowned for its commitment to quality and accuracy, and the MQ-510 is no exception. Researchers can trust the readings obtained from this device to make informed decisions, track changes over time, or compare data with other studies confidently.


In conclusion, the Quantum Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510 is a top-of-the-line tool for underwater PAR measurements. Its datalogging capabilities simplify long-term monitoring projects, ensuring consistency and reducing the chance of errors. The refined spectral response and cosine response enable accurate and precise measurements of underwater PAR, providing invaluable insights into marine ecosystems.

Moreover, the MQ-510’s reliable accuracy, backed by its calibration traceable to NIST standards, instills confidence in researchers and professionals relying on its readings. Whether studying coral reefs, assessing the impact of human activities on underwater flora, or monitoring the health of marine environments, the Quantum Apogee MQ-510 is an indispensable tool for those in the field of aquatic sciences.

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