Angde Bird Bath Bowls


Product Specification:
– Product Name: Angde 2 Pack of 18 19 inch Tray
– Quantity: 4 packs of brown plant saucers
– Size: Inner diameter is 16.5″ width and outer diameter is 19″ width, 2.7” Height
– Material: Made of premium new PP material
– Durability: Thicker and sturdier than others, can hold up to 300lbs
– Usage: Suitable for flower pots with a bottom diameter less than 16.4 inches
– Color: Chocolate Brown
– Usage: Can be used as plant trays or bird baths
– Indoors and Outdoor use: Can be used both indoors and outdoors
– Decorative: Minimalistic styled trays in classic brown color, suitable for various settings such as windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, office, etc.
– Functionality: Helps catch excess water from plant pot drainage hole, protecting the floor
– Compatibility: Perfect for matching with black cylinder ceramic planter, cement planter or brown planter
– Customer Satisfaction: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, full refund and return if any problem occurs
– Bird Bath Function: Can be used as a bird bath or bird feeder
– Outdoor Decoration: Suitable for garden yard lawn decoration
– Hanging Option: Can be hung to attract birds to the garden
– Additional Lighting: Provides natural additional lighting to enhance the outdoor ambience
– Color: Dark Brown
– Enjoyment: Allows for the free flight of birds, creating a closer connection to nature

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  • 【Tray Value】Plant water saucer 19 inch, 4 packs brown plant saucers, Plant Saucers for Indoors, inner diameter is 16.5" width and outer diameter...
  • 【Thickened And Durable】- Plastic tray are specially made of premium new PP material, solid, durable, thicker and sturdier than others, it can hold...
  • 【Plant Saucers For Indoors And Outdoor】 - Minimalistic styled plastic planter tray of classic brown color, are great for decorate windowsill,...
  • 【Pragmatic Plant Saucer】 - These 18 19 inch plant trays for pots help catch water from the plant pot drainage hole and protect your floor more...
  • 【100% Satisfaction】 - 2 pack of 19 inch plant pot saucer are designed to make you happy. 24/7 customer service and full refund & return guaranteed...
  • 【Birdbaths Use for Outdoor】Perfect to invite your bird friends to enjoy it as bird bath or birdfeeder, and birdbath is also suitable for the...

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Angde 2 Pack of 18 19 inch Tray

The Angde 2 Pack of 18 19 inch Tray is a versatile and durable solution for plant watering and bird bathing needs in your garden. With its thickened and durable construction, this pack of two plant saucers is designed to provide maximum functionality and convenience. In this review, we will discuss the various features and benefits of this product.

Tray Value

  • Each plant water saucer has a diameter of 19 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of flower pots and planters.
  • The inner diameter of the tray is 16.5 inches, while the outer diameter measures 19 inches, providing ample space to catch water from the plant pot drainage hole.
  • The height of the tray is 2.7 inches, ensuring that it can hold a significant amount of excess water without overflowing.
  • This pack includes four brown plant saucers, offering great value for the price.

Thickened And Durable

  • The plastic trays are made of premium new PP material, ensuring their solid, durable, and sturdy construction.
  • Compared to other plant saucers in the market, these trays are thicker and can hold up to 300lbs of weight, making them suitable for heavy pots.
  • Despite their sturdy build, these trays are lightweight and water resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Plant Saucers For Indoors And Outdoor

  • The minimalistic and classic brown design of these plastic plant saucers makes them suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings.
  • They can be used to decorate windowsills, desktops, shelves, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, offices, and more.
  • Whether you need plant saucers for indoor potted plants or outdoor flower beds, these trays are versatile enough to meet your needs.

Pragmatic Plant Saucer

  • The primary function of these 18 19 inch plant trays is to catch water from the pot drainage hole, preventing it from seeping onto your floors and causing damage.
  • The deep and durable design of these trays ensures that excess water is contained within them, giving you peace of mind.
  • These flower pot saucers are perfect for pairing with black cylinder ceramic planters, cement planters, or brown planters, creating a visually appealing display.

100% Satisfaction

  • The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction with this product.
  • If you encounter any issues upon receiving the product, such as defects or damages, their 24/7 customer service will assist you promptly.
  • They also offer full refund and return options, ensuring that your purchase is risk-free.

Birdbaths Use for Outdoor

  • In addition to being excellent plant saucers, these trays can also be utilized as bird baths or bird feeders in your garden.
  • Their large size and deep design make them perfect for inviting bird friends to enjoy a refreshing bath or a quick snack.
  • Hanging the bird feeder and bath tray outdoors can attract birds to fly into your garden, creating a lively and natural atmosphere.
  • The dark brown color of these trays blends well with the outdoor environment and adds a touch of elegance to your garden decor.

In conclusion, the Angde 2 Pack of 18 19 inch Tray is a highly functional and versatile product that caters to both plant watering and bird bathing needs. With its thickened and durable construction, it offers peace of mind by preventing water damage to your floors. Whether you need plant saucers for indoor or outdoor use, these trays are designed to meet your requirements. Additionally, their value for money, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the option of using them as birdbaths make them a worthwhile investment for any garden enthusiast.

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