Andonstar AD249S-M HDMI Digital Microscope 2000x with Endoscope, 2160P UHD Video Record 10.1 Inch LCD Microscope


Product Specification:
– Model: Andonstar AD249S-M
– Type: HDMI Digital Microscope
– Magnification: Lens L (60-240x), Lens A (18-720x), Lens D (1800-2040x)
– Versatility: Can be used for soldering, repairing, observing coins, plants, stones, and biological slides
РEndoscope: 360° all-around view, clear observation of components, pipes, etc.
– Display: 10.1 inch LCD screen
– Resolution: UHD 2160P video recording
– HDMI Output: Seamlessly connect to a larger screen
– Stand: Pro Metal Stand with adjustable bracket (7*7.8*13inch)
– Capturing Function: Capture photos and videos with Micro SD card provided
– Lighting: Eight adjustable LED lights with variable brightness settings
– Remote Control: Convenient wireless remote control for distance operation
– Easy to Use: Swappable lenses, focusing wheel, and bracket knob for easy operation
– Measurement Software: Professional software for accurate measurements on Windows PC
– Included Accessories: Microscope host, Pro Metal stand set, Lens A, Lens D, Lens L, Endoscope adjustable arm, Endoscope, Endoscope accessories, Slide holder, 32GB Micro SD card, USB cable, Switch cable, HDMI cable, Remote control, Prepared Slides, Observation box, Tweezers, Instruction
– After-sales Service: 24-hour professional support

Andonstar AD249S-M 3 Lens HDMI Digital Microscope 2000x with Endoscope, 2160P UHD Video Record 10.1 Inch LCD Microscope, Soldering Electronic Microscope, Coin Biological...
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  • 【LED Lights with Variable Brightness Settings】 Featuring eight adjustable LED lights, Andonstar gives you the ability to fine-tune the brightness...
  • 【Convenient Wireless Remote Control】 Comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to conveniently operate the device from a distance. The...
  • 【Easy to Use and Swappable Lenses】 The Andonstar 3 lens digital microscope is straightforward to use, whereby users can swap lenses by merely...

Editor’s Review

Versatility in One Digital Microscope

The Andonstar AD249S-M 3 Lens HDMI Digital Microscope 2000x with Endoscope is a versatile and powerful tool that allows for precision observation in various fields. Whether you are soldering and repairing circuit boards or examining coins and biological slides, this microscope has got you covered. With its three interchangeable lenses, there is no limit to what you can observe.

  • Lens L (60-240x): This lens is perfect for soldering and repairing circuit boards, as well as fixing mobile phones. It provides clear and detailed images, allowing you to work with precision.
  • Lens A (18-720x): With this lens, you can observe entire coins, plants, stones, and other larger objects. It is ideal for collectors or anyone interested in studying macroscopic objects.
  • Lens D (1800-2040x): The Lens D is designed for observing biological slides. It provides high magnification and excellent clarity, allowing you to study cells and organisms in detail.

Microscope with Endoscope all-around view 360°

The Andonstar Microscope with Endoscope takes observation to a whole new level with its all-around view 360° feature. With the included endoscope, you can achieve 360-degree observation without any dead angles. This is especially useful for examining the sides of components, the insides of pipes, and other difficult-to-reach areas. The endoscope provides clear and detailed images, allowing for thorough inspection.

UHD 2160P HDMI Digital Microscope

Experience high-resolution and crystal-clear images with the Andonstar 10.1 inch LCD microscope. This microscope offers Ultra High Definition 2160P video recording capabilities, ensuring that you don’t miss any details. The HDMI output allows for a seamless connection to a larger screen, providing a more immersive viewing experience. Whether you are conducting research or sharing your findings with others, this microscope delivers exceptional image quality.

Pro Metal Stand Ideal for Soldering

The Andonstar AD249S-M comes with a Pro Metal Stand that is specially designed for soldering environments. The strong metal bracket is adjustable in various directions and angles, allowing you to position the microscope exactly where you need it. The dimensions of the bracket are 7*7.8*13 inches, providing ample space for larger work envelopes. This stand is sturdy and reliable, ensuring stability during high-temperature soldering.

Capture Photos and Videos

The Andonstar AD249S-M is more than just a viewing device; it also allows you to capture images and videos of the micro-world you observe. With the Micro SD card provided, you can easily take and store all the images and videos you capture. This feature is especially beneficial for sharing your observations or documenting your research.

LED Lights with Variable Brightness Settings

The microscope features eight adjustable LED lights, providing you with the ability to fine-tune the brightness according to your observation needs. Whether you need more lighting for detailed examination or less lighting for a clearer view, the Andonstar AD249S-M gives you full control.

Convenient Wireless Remote Control

To enhance the ease of use, the Andonstar AD249S-M comes with a wireless remote control. This allows you to conveniently operate the microscope from a distance, eliminating the need for constant adjustments or interruptions. The remote control supports various functions, such as image discoloration and digital zoom, making it an excellent tool for educational demonstrations and other presentations.

Easy to Use and Swappable Lenses

The Andonstar AD249S-M is designed for ease of use. Swapping lenses is a breeze, requiring only the installation or uninstallation of screws. Focusing is achieved through the rotation of the focusing wheel, while the bracket knob adjusts the observation distance. This ensures that you can quickly switch between lenses and make precise adjustments to achieve the best view.

Professional Measurement Software for Accurate Measurements

To further enhance its functionality, the Andonstar AD249S-M comes with professional measurement software. This software allows you to connect the microscope to a Windows PC easily. With the software, you can take measurements of lengths, areas, and even capture photos or videos during observations. This feature is incredibly useful for research, analysis, and documentation purposes.

What you can get

When you purchase the Andonstar AD249S-M, you will receive a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to get started. The package includes the following items:

  • 1x AD249S-M Microscope host
  • 1x Pro Metal stand set
  • 1x Lens A
  • 1x Lens D
  • 1x Lens L
  • 1x Endoscope adjustable arm
  • 1x Endoscope
  • 5x Endoscope accessories
  • 1x Slide holder
  • 1x 32GB Micro SD card
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Switch cable
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x Remote control
  • 5x Prepared Slides
  • 1x Observation box
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Instruction
  • 24-hour professional after-sales service

In conclusion, the Andonstar AD249S-M 3 Lens HDMI Digital Microscope 2000x with Endoscope is a highly versatile and reliable tool that is perfect for various observation needs. Whether you are working with circuit boards, examining coins, or studying biological slides, this microscope delivers exceptional performance. With its UHD 2160P video recording capabilities, convenient wireless remote control, and professional measurement software, the Andonstar AD249S-M is suitable for both professional and educational use.

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