AlphaWorks Fogger Machine


Product Specification: AlphaWorks Fogger Machine Disinfectant ULV Sprayer
– Power Source: 48V DC Lithium Ion battery
– Type: Cordless Backpack Mist Duster Blower
– Tank Capacity: 2.6 gallons
– Quantity: 20 units per pallet

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The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine Disinfectant ULV Sprayer is a powerful and versatile tool designed for efficient and effective application of disinfectants and other chemicals. With its 48V DC Lithium Ion Cordless Backpack Mist Duster Blower, it delivers a consistent and high-powered spray to cover large areas in a short amount of time.

Design and Build

The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine features a backpack design, allowing for hands-free operation and easy maneuverability. The backpack is made of durable materials that can withstand tough conditions and prolonged use. The machine is equipped with a 2.6GAL tank capacity, providing enough volume to cover large areas without the need for frequent refills.

The 48V DC Lithium Ion battery provides long-lasting power, allowing the user to operate the fogger machine for extended periods without the hassle of power cords or finding electrical outlets. The battery is rechargeable and can be easily removed for charging when needed.

Efficient Mist Dispersion

The mist duster blower of the AlphaWorks Fogger Machine is designed to disperse the disinfectant solution evenly and efficiently. The mist generated by the machine is ultra-low volume (ULV), meaning that it creates fine particles that can stay suspended in the air for a longer duration, maximizing the coverage of the sprayed area. This is especially important for disinfection purposes, as it ensures that the solution reaches even hard-to-reach areas and crevices.

Easy Operation

The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine is user-friendly and intuitive, making it suitable for both professionals and non-professionals alike. The machine features an ergonomic handle and adjustable straps, allowing for comfortable and customized fit. The control panel is simple, with clearly labeled buttons and indicators for ease of use.

The fogger machine also comes with a long wand and nozzle, giving the user flexibility in targeting specific areas or objects. The wand is easily detachable and can be replaced with different attachments for various applications, making it a versatile tool for different cleaning and disinfection tasks.

High-Volume Capacity and Coverage

With a tank capacity of 2.6GAL, the AlphaWorks Fogger Machine can cover a large area without the need for multiple refills. This is particularly beneficial for commercial or industrial use, where time efficiency is crucial.

The mist duster blower can disperse the solution at a high volume, allowing for quick and effective coverage of large surfaces. It can reach a distance of up to 35 feet, making it suitable for disinfecting sprawling spaces such as warehouses, schools, or event venues.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine is designed with safety in mind. The machine features an automatic shut-off function when the tank is empty, preventing it from running dry and avoiding any potential damage. The ULV technology used in the mist dispersion reduces the risk of chemical exposure, as it creates fine particles that minimize the amount of solution used while still achieving effective coverage.

The machine is also environmentally friendly, as it requires fewer chemicals and less water compared to traditional disinfection methods. It helps reduce waste and the environmental impact associated with excessive use of disinfectants.

Application Versatility

The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine is not limited to disinfection tasks alone. Its versatility allows for a wide range of applications, making it a valuable tool for various industries and settings.

Aside from disinfection, this fogger machine can also be used for pest control, odor elimination, humidity control, and even for applying fertilizers in agricultural settings. The ability to swap the wand attachment further expands its applicability, enabling targeted applications such as misting delicate plants in a greenhouse or reaching tight spaces.


  • Powerful and efficient mist dispersion
  • Long-lasting battery life for extended operation
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Large tank capacity for high-volume coverage
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Versatile application possibilities


  • Relatively high initial cost
  • May be heavy when fully loaded with solution
  • Requires proper maintenance and cleaning for optimal performance


The AlphaWorks Fogger Machine Disinfectant ULV Sprayer offers a powerful and efficient solution for large-scale disinfection and other application needs. Its high-volume capacity, efficient mist dispersion, and versatile application possibilities make it a valuable tool for professionals and non-professionals alike.

Despite the relatively high initial cost, the machine delivers on its promises of time efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness. With proper maintenance and care, it can be a long-lasting investment that provides consistent and effective results.

Whether for commercial, industrial, or even personal use, the AlphaWorks Fogger Machine is a reliable choice for those seeking a robust and versatile mist duster blower.

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