AirSpade 4000


Product Specification:

– Model: Utility AirSpade 4000
– Airflow: 150 cfm
– Barrel Length: 4 ft
– Handle: Rugged, ergonomic handle with plastic-coated grip
– Stabilizer Bar: Retractable stabilizer bar
– Air Pressure Gauge: Integral air-pressure gauge
– Trigger: Dead-man trigger with trigger guard
– Barrel Material: Insulated, 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel
– Electric Rating: Rated up to 300kV
– Barrel Sleeves: Non-sparking Brass barrel sleeves
– Connectors: Threaded connectors

Utility AirSpade 4000 150 cfm with 4 ft Barrel
  • Rugged, ergonomic handle with plastic-coated grip
  • Retractable stabilizer bar and integral air-pressure gauge
  • Dead-man trigger with trigger guard
  • Insulated, 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel rated up to 300kV
  • Non-sparking Brass barrel sleeves and threaded connectors

Editor’s Review


The Utility AirSpade 4000 is a powerful and versatile tool that offers impressive utility and convenience for a wide range of applications. With its rugged design and ergonomic features, it is built to withstand demanding tasks and provide optimal comfort during operation. Equipped with a retractable stabilizer bar, integral air-pressure gauge, and a dead-man trigger with trigger guard, this tool ensures user safety and precise control. Furthermore, its insulated 4 ft. fiberglass barrel with a rating of up to 300kV, along with the non-sparking brass barrel sleeves and threaded connectors, make it suitable for various environments. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of the Utility AirSpade 4000, highlighting its features and discussing its performance in different scenarios.

Rugged Design and Ergonomic Handle

The Utility AirSpade 4000 boasts a robust construction specifically designed to endure tough working conditions. Its durable materials ensure that it can handle heavy usage and still maintain its functionality. The ergonomic handle, complete with a plastic-coated grip, allows for a firm and comfortable hold, minimizing user fatigue during prolonged operation. No matter the task at hand, this tool is built to withstand the pressure and provide optimal results.

Retractable Stabilizer Bar and Integral Air-Pressure Gauge

One standout feature of the Utility AirSpade 4000 is its retractable stabilizer bar. This bar enhances stability during operation, reducing the chance of accidents and providing added control over the tool. Whether working on a soft or uneven surface, the stabilizer bar allows for steady maneuverability.

Another notable feature is the integral air-pressure gauge. This gauge enables users to maintain precise control over the air pressure during operation. By providing real-time pressure readings, it ensures that the tool operates at the desired level, eliminating the risk of damage to delicate materials or compromising safety.

Dead-Man Trigger with Trigger Guard

Safety is a top priority, and the Utility AirSpade 4000 takes this concern seriously. Equipped with a dead-man trigger and trigger guard, this tool provides a reliable measure to prevent accidental engagement. The dead-man trigger requires constant pressure to operate, making it essential for maintaining control and avoiding potential mishaps. The convenient trigger guard adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the tool can only be activated intentionally.

Insulated, 4 Ft. Fiberglass Barrel Rated up to 300kV

For tasks that require electrical safety measures, the Utility AirSpade 4000 excels. Its 4 ft. fiberglass barrel is not only well-insulated, but also rated for up to 300kV, making it suitable for use in environments with electrical hazards. This feature allows users to work confidently, knowing that they are protected against potential electrical mishaps. The insulation quality ensures safety while the extended length of the barrel provides versatility and ease of use in various scenarios.

Non-Sparking Brass Barrel Sleeves and Threaded Connectors

Another advantage of the Utility AirSpade 4000 is the use of non-sparking brass barrel sleeves and threaded connectors. This feature is particularly crucial in environments where flammable substances or gases may be present. By utilizing non-sparking materials, the risk of accidental ignition is significantly reduced. With threaded connectors, the tool ensures secure and reliable connections, preventing any unwanted air leaks or interruptions during operation.

Performance and Versatility

The Utility AirSpade 4000 truly shines in terms of performance and versatility. It is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including soil excavation, tree root pruning, pipeline maintenance, and archaeological digs, to name just a few. The powerful 150 cfm air flow ensures excellent performance in all scenarios, allowing for efficient and effective completion of tasks. Whether you are a professional landscaper, utility worker, or archaeologist, this tool will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset.


In conclusion, the Utility AirSpade 4000 is a well-designed and reliable tool that delivers exceptional performance and utility. Its rugged construction, ergonomic handle, and safety features make it an ideal choice for professionals in various fields. With a retractable stabilizer bar, integral air-pressure gauge, dead-man trigger with trigger guard, insulated barrel rated up to 300kV, and non-sparking brass barrel sleeves and connectors, it meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. Whether you need to excavate soil, prune tree roots, maintain pipelines, or engage in archaeological endeavors, this tool will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. The Utility AirSpade 4000 is a versatile and dependable companion that will enhance efficiency and expedite your work, making it a worthwhile investment for any professional seeking a powerful and reliable tool.

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