AGM Varmint LRF Thermal Rifle Scope


Product Specification:
– Model: AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640
– Thermal Resolution: 640×512
– Sensor Type: 12um
– NETD Sensitivity: 35 mK
– Imaging: 50Hz
– Built-in Laser Rangefinder
– Display: High-resolution OLED display

AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope 12um 640x512
  • 640×512 thermal resolution
  • 12 um, 35 mK NETD high sensitivity detector
  • Fast 50Hz imaging
  • Built-in laser rangefinder
  • High resolution OLED display

Editor’s Review


The AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope is a cutting-edge firearm accessory that combines advanced technology with superior performance. With its 640×512 thermal resolution and 12 um, 35 mK NETD high sensitivity detector, this thermal scope provides users with a clear and detailed view of their surroundings, even in complete darkness. Additionally, the built-in laser rangefinder and high-resolution OLED display further enhance the effectiveness and convenience of this remarkable device.

Superior Thermal Resolution

One of the standout features of the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope is its impressive 640×512 thermal resolution. This high-resolution thermal sensor allows users to discern even the smallest temperature differences with exceptional clarity, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. Whether you‚Äôre hunting game or conducting surveillance, this thermal scope offers a level of visual precision that is second to none.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Imaging

With its 12 um, 35 mK NETD high sensitivity detector, the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 delivers exceptional performance in detecting thermal signatures. This sensitivity allows for the detection of subtle temperature variations, enabling users to spot potential threats or targets with ease. Additionally, the fast 50Hz imaging ensures a smooth and fluid display, eliminating any lag that could hinder quick target acquisition.

Built-in Laser Rangefinder

One of the standout features of the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope is its built-in laser rangefinder. This integrated rangefinder simplifies the process of distance estimation, eliminating the need for additional equipment or manual calculations. With just a press of a button, users can accurately measure the distance to their target, allowing for more precise shots and increased success rates. The convenience and efficiency provided by this feature make the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 a valuable tool for both hunters and tactical shooters.

High-Resolution OLED Display

The AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope features a high-resolution OLED display that showcases the thermal imagery in stunning detail. The OLED technology ensures vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and crisp image quality, allowing for easy target identification and enhanced situational awareness. Whether you’re using the scope during the day or in complete darkness, the OLED display consistently delivers clear visuals, making it an invaluable asset for any shooter.

User-Friendly Interface

AGM has designed the Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope with user convenience in mind. The intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and quick access to essential features. The scope’s menu offers a variety of customizable options, including brightness levels, reticle options, and image polarity. Users can tailor the display settings to their preferences, ensuring optimal visibility in different environments. The user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience and streamlines operation in the field.

Durable and Weatherproof

The AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. With a durable construction and weatherproof housing, this thermal scope is capable of enduring the toughest environments. It is nitrogen-purged and sealed to be both dustproof and waterproof, ensuring reliable performance even in wet or humid conditions. Whether you’re hunting in the rain or traversing rough terrain, the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 stands up to the challenge, providing consistent and dependable operation.

Ease of Mounting

Mounting the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope onto your firearm is a breeze. The scope is designed to fit most standard Picatinny or Weaver rails, making it compatible with a wide range of firearms. The easy-mounting system ensures hassle-free installation, saving users time and effort. Additionally, the scope’s lightweight design prevents unnecessary strain on your rifle, allowing for a comfortable shooting experience. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a novice enthusiast, the straightforward mounting process ensures a seamless integration with your firearm.

Long Battery Life

The AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope boasts an impressive battery life that won’t leave you stranded in the field. The scope runs on two CR123A batteries, providing extended operational time and allowing users to focus on their activities without worrying about battery replacements. This extended battery life is a crucial advantage for those who spend extended periods outdoors or engage in multi-day hunting trips. Additionally, the battery compartment is conveniently located, allowing for quick and easy changes while on the go.


In conclusion, the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 Thermal Rifle Scope is a reliable and feature-packed device that is sure to enhance your shooting experience. With its superior 640×512 thermal resolution, 12 um, 35 mK NETD high sensitivity detector, and fast 50Hz imaging, this thermal scope delivers exceptional thermal imaging performance. The built-in laser rangefinder simplifies distance estimation, while the high-resolution OLED display ensures clear visuals in all lighting conditions. With its user-friendly interface, durable construction, and long battery life, the AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 is a top-tier thermal rifle scope that leaves no room for compromise. Whether you’re a professional shooter, avid hunter, or a tactical enthusiast, this thermal scope offers the reliability, accuracy, and convenience required for success in any situation.

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