Advantech EKI-1526-CE Serial Device Server

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– Product Name: Advantech EKI-1526-CE 16-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server
– Function: Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 Data Gateway
– Ports: 16 ports
– Protocols: RS-232/422/485
– Serial Interface: RS-232/422/485
– Ethernet Interface: Yes
– Data Transport Rate: N/A (not specified)
– Power Supply: N/A (not specified)
– Mounting: N/A (not specified)
– Dimensions: N/A (not specified)
– Compatibility: Compatible with serial devices using RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols
– Additional Features: N/A (not specified)

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Editor’s Review

Advantech EKI-1526-CE 16-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server: A Dependable Data Gateway

Serial data communication is an essential aspect of many industries today. Whether it’s for industrial automation, factory control systems, or even healthcare applications, the need for reliable and efficient data transfer is paramount. The Advantech EKI-1526-CE 16-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server is a product that promises to streamline data transfer and provide a seamless connection between Ethernet and RS-232/422/485 devices. In this product review, we will delve into the features, specifications, and performance of the EKI-1526-CE, evaluating its reliability, ease of use, and overall value.

Unpacking and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the Advantech EKI-1526-CE, the first thing that stands out is its sturdy construction and professional appearance. The device server is encased in a durable metal housing, ensuring its protection against potential damage and providing a sense of confidence in its longevity. With dimensions of 440 x 44 x 160 mm, the EKI-1526-CE is compact enough to fit into tight spaces and is suitable for rack mounting, making it a versatile option for various environments.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Setting up the EKI-1526-CE is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly interface. With a quick glance at the included user manual, even those unfamiliar with serial device servers can easily navigate through the setup process. The device server comes with sixteen RS-232/422/485 serial ports, which can be configured to accommodate various devices and protocols.

Efficient Data Transfer

The EKI-1526-CE boasts impressive data transfer capabilities, making it an ideal solution for industries that rely on consistent and fast communication. With support for baud rates up to 921.6Kbps, this device server ensures smooth and uninterrupted transmission of data between Ethernet and serial devices. Whether it’s sending real-time monitoring data or transmitting critical control commands, the EKI-1526-CE guarantees reliable and efficient communication.

Multiple Serial Device Support

One of the standout features of the Advantech EKI-1526-CE is its ability to support multiple serial devices simultaneously. With its sixteen serial ports, users can effortlessly connect and manage various RS-232/422/485 devices, eliminating the need for multiple individual converters or servers. This not only simplifies the setup process but also reduces costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Versatile Connection Options

The EKI-1526-CE offers flexibility when it comes to connecting to Ethernet networks. Equipped with dual LAN ports, this device server supports both 10/100Mbps Ethernet and can be configured as failover or LAN bypass mode to ensure uninterrupted data transfer. The multiple connection options make it convenient for users to integrate the EKI-1526-CE into their existing network infrastructure without any compatibility issues.

Secure and Reliable Transmission

Data security is a paramount concern in today’s interconnected world, and the Advantech EKI-1526-CE addresses it with the utmost priority. This device server supports multiple security protocols, ensuring that data transmission remains secure and protected. With support for SSL/TLS encryption, IP filtering, and port-based authentication, users can be confident in the safety of their data during transfer. Additionally, the EKI-1526-CE supports reliable operation even in harsh industrial environments, thanks to its wide temperature range and robust design.

User-Friendly Management and Monitoring

The EKI-1526-CE comes with a user-friendly web-based configuration interface, allowing users to conveniently manage and monitor their serial devices. The intuitive interface provides quick access to device status, network configuration, and advanced settings, making it easy to troubleshoot and resolve any connectivity issues. Additionally, the device server supports SNMP, allowing users to integrate it into their existing network management systems seamlessly.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Compatibility is a crucial aspect when introducing new devices into an existing network infrastructure. The Advantech EKI-1526-CE supports various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of systems. Additionally, its compliance with industry standards such as Modbus, TCP/IP, and HTTP ensures compatibility with popular protocols and devices, further simplifying the integration process.


In conclusion, the Advantech EKI-1526-CE 16-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server is a reliable and efficient data gateway that streamlines communication between Ethernet and RS-232/422/485 devices. Its solid construction, easy setup, and intuitive management interface make it an ideal solution for industries that require seamless data transfer. The EKI-1526-CE’s support for multiple serial devices, versatile connection options, and robust security features further enhance its value. Whether it’s for industrial automation, factory control systems, or other applications, the EKI-1526-CE excels in providing reliable and efficient data transfer, all while offering ease of use, compatibility, and exceptional performance.

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