Gloria Messing-Spezial-Flachstrahldüse

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: GLORIA 000111.0000 Messing-Spezial-Flachstrahld√ºse – Material: Messing (Brass) – Type: Spezial-Flachstrahld√ºse (Special Flat Spray Nozzle) – Liquid distribution: Precise over wide pressure range – Ideal for devices with control (presumably adjustable or regulated devices) – Wetting Grade: Very good – Works at low pressure leeway-reducing (ability to operate efficiently at … Read more

Georgetown Miniature Fairy Bird Bath Stake Garden Decor

Specifications – Product Name: Georgetown Home & Garden Miniature Fairy Bird Bath Stake Garden Decor – Material: Durable polyresin material – Design: Miniature fairy bird bath on a stake – Placement: Can be placed in the ground and remain planted in the earth – Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Editor’s Review Introduction The … Read more

Jobe Valves Topaz Differential Valve

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Jobe Valves Topaz Differential Valve with DLT – Inlet Thread Size: 3/4″ – Color: Yellow/Black – Suitable for potable water – Reduces on/off cycles, saving wear on water pump – Positive on/off feature for convenient control – Built-in Soft Stop to reduce water hammer. Editor’s Review Introduction In this … Read more

Miniature Ornaments Plant Pots

Specifications – Product Name: ekqw015l Miniature Ornaments Plant Pots, Bonsai Garden Accessories & 100Pcs Colorful Mini 3D Wall Stickers Home Decor Kid Toys DIY Ladybird Ladybug – Unique Design: Miniature ornaments with cute and creative design, made with exquisite craftsmanship – Suitable for: Small ornamental gardens, artwork or studio scenes – Wide range of applications: … Read more

Prisms & Kaleidoscopes Science Toys

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Prisms & Kaleidoscopes Science Toys Triple Prism Reflecting Color Light Science Classroom Optics Kits – Model: Prism Seven Piece Set – Size: Cube Prism 50X50X50MM – Packed in a nice gift box – Great crystal decor gift idea – Suitable for those pursuing elegance and beauty in life – Warranty: … Read more

Rain Bird SA5 EZ Pipe Swing Assembly

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Rain Bird – Model: SA5 EZ Pipe Swing Assembly – Connection Type: 1/2″ Male Pipe Thread x 1/2″ Male Pipe Thread – Length: 6″ – Function: Connects sprinkler heads to lateral pipes – Features: – Helps to prevent heads and pipes from breaking when run over by equipment – Swing … Read more

PACETAP 9W Bulbs 21050 (4 Pack)

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: PACETAP 9W Bulbs 21050 Replacement for DynaTrap Models DT3009, DT3019 and DT3039 – Compatibility: Compatible with DynaTrap models DT3009, DT3019, and DT3039 – Working Effect: The lamp can work effectively for approximately 3000 hours (about 4 months) – Function: Replacement for DynaTrap bulbs that are not working, attracts insects … Read more

Mini Mushroom House Fairy Garden

Specifications Product Specification: – Material: High-quality resin – Safety: Non-toxic and durable – Usage: Mini mushroom house for fairy gardens or micro landscapes – Design: Cute and creative mushroom house design – Options: Different sizes available for customization – Suitable for: Container mini gardens or terrariums – Recommended as a gift for relatives and friends … Read more

Angel Statue

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Accessories Garden Decoration Angel Statue Decoration Garden Pot Decoration Gift – Color: Gray – Size: 55 x 34 x 22 cm – Material: High-quality resin – Environmental Friendly: Made of environmentally friendly resin material and outdoor paint – Durability: Not easy to wear or scratch, resistant to fading – Sculpture … Read more