70 PCS Film Canister with Caps (Black)


– Product: 70 PCS Film Canister with Caps and Blank Labels for 35mm Film (Black)
– Package: 70 pieces of 8 oz film canisters with matching style sealing lids in black
– Function: Ideal for use in homemade Alka Seltzer rockets as the lids can build up pressure and prevent liquid from escaping or leaking even when violently shaken or inverted.
– Size: Each canister measures 2″ high and 1.22″ in diameter, identical to ordinary 35mm film canisters.
– Material: Made of environmentally friendly high-impact polypropylene (PP).
– Features: Non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable, and UV protected.
– Uses: Can be used for developing undeveloped film and/or film negatives, storing coins, jewelry, screws, nuts, medicines, sewing supplies, small fossil samples, and other small items that need to be kept dry and sealed.

70 PCS Film Canister with Caps and Blank Labels for 35mm Film (Black)
  • Package : 70 Pcs 8 oz Film canisters with matching style Sealing lid Black
  • These Film Sealing canisters are ideal for use in homemade Alka Seltzer rockets because these miniature precision mounted LIDS can build up pressure...
  • Size:Measures 2” high and 1.22” in diameter Identically sized as ordinary 35mm film canisters
  • Made of environmentally friendly high impact polypropylene (PP), Non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable,Non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable , UV protected
  • Widely used: used to develop undeveloped film and/or film negatives, Alka Seltzer rockets,COINS, jewelry, screws, nuts, medicines sewing supplies...

Editor’s Review


The 70 PCS Film Canister with Caps and Blank Labels for 35mm Film (Black) is a versatile and practical product that is essential for any photography enthusiast. These film canisters are not only perfect for storing and developing film, but they also have a variety of other uses. In this comprehensive product review, we will explore the various features and benefits of the 70 PCS Film Canister, making it an essential addition to your photography gear.

Packaging and Design

The package includes 70 pieces of 8 oz film canisters in a sleek black color. Each canister comes with a matching style sealing lid that ensures the contents remain secure and free from leakage. The lids are precision mounted, allowing them to build up pressure inside the canister. This feature is particularly useful for homemade Alka Seltzer rockets, as it ensures that the liquid does not escape or leak even if the container is shaken or inverted. The secure sealing lids and durable construction make these canisters a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

Size and Compatibility

With a height of 2 inches and a diameter of 1.22 inches, these film canisters are identically sized as ordinary 35mm film canisters. This makes them perfectly compatible with most film cameras and photography equipment. Whether you are developing film or storing film negatives, these canisters are designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Their compact size also makes them ideal for travel, allowing you to conveniently carry your film and other small items without taking up much space.

Material and Environmental Considerations

The 70 PCS Film Canister is made of environmentally friendly high impact polypropylene (PP). This material is not only durable but also non-toxic, tasteless, and recyclable. The use of UV protected polypropylene ensures that the contents of the canister, such as undeveloped film or other sensitive items, remain protected from harmful UV rays. This feature is particularly important for maintaining the quality of film and preventing any damage to valuable possessions. Additionally, the recyclability of these canisters makes them an eco-friendly choice for photographers who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Wide Range of Uses

While the primary function of these film canisters is for storing and developing film, their usability extends far beyond photography. The versatile design and sturdy construction allow them to be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need containers for storing valuable items like coins, jewelry, screws, nuts, or medicines, these canisters are perfect for keeping them dry and sealed. They can also be used for organizing sewing supplies or storing small fossil samples. The possibilities are endless, and the 70 PCS Film Canister provides a convenient and reliable solution for keeping your small items securely stored.

Practicality and Convenience

One of the standout features of the 70 PCS Film Canister is its practicality and convenience. The set of 70 canisters ensures that you have an ample supply for various projects and storage needs. The matching style sealing lids provide a tight and secure closure, ensuring that the contents remain intact and protected. The size and lightweight nature of these canisters make them easy to carry and store, ensuring they do not take up unnecessary space. Additionally, the blank labels included with the package allow for easy identification and organization of the canisters’ contents, further enhancing their convenience and usability.


In conclusion, the 70 PCS Film Canister with Caps and Blank Labels for 35mm Film (Black) is an essential addition to any photography enthusiast’s gear. With its durable construction and precision mounted sealing lids, these canisters provide a reliable storage solution for film and other small items. Its compatibility with 35mm film cameras, environmental friendliness, and wide range of uses make them a versatile choice for photographers and hobbyists alike. Whether you need a secure storage solution for your film or a convenient way to organize small items, the 70 PCS Film Canister is a practical and reliable option that ensures your items remain safe, sealed, and easily accessible.

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