35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters

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Product Specification:

– Product: 35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters-20pc (Clear)
– Material: PP (Polypropylene)
– Quantity: 20 film canisters with 20 lids
– Lid Functionality: Prevents loss from the canister
– Outside Diameter: 33mm
– Inner Diameter: 30mm
– Height: 54mm
– Construction: Rigid construction for durability
– Usage: Suitable for school projects, storage of coins, needles, scientific experiments, pills, oil, keys, pet food, etc.

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Editor’s Review


The 35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters-20pc (Clear) are versatile containers that offer durable and secure storage options. Made from high-quality PP material, these canisters come with lids to prevent any potential loss. With a wide range of possible uses, these canisters are ideal for school projects, storing small items like coins and needles, conducting scientific experiments, storing pills and oil, and even organizing keys or pet food.


  • Includes 20 film canisters with 20 lids
  • Prevents loss of contents with secure lids
  • Outer diameter of 33mm, inner diameter of 30mm, and height of 54mm
  • Rigid construction ensures durability

Durable Construction

The 35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters are built to last. Made from robust PP material, these canisters can withstand rough handling and accidental drops. Their rigid construction ensures that the contents remain protected even in demanding environments. Whether you use them for carrying coins in your pocket or conducting scientific experiments in a classroom, these canisters can handle it all.

Versatile Storage Solution

With a compact size and thoughtful design, these canisters are perfect for a wide range of storage needs. The 35mm caliber offers ample space to store various items, while the clear plastic allows you to easily identify the contents without opening the canister. Whether you need to store small items like coins, needles, or keys, or require a secure container for scientific experiments or storing pet food, these canisters have got you covered.

Prevent Loss of Contents

One of the standout features of these canisters is the secure lid that keeps the contents safely inside. No more worries about losing small items that tend to get misplaced easily. The lids fit snugly onto the canisters, creating an airtight seal that prevents any spillage or accidental opening. Now, you can confidently store your items and carry them around without the fear of losing anything.

Wide Range of Applications

The 35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes. Students will find them extremely useful for school projects and organizing small materials in their backpacks. Artists can utilize them to store paintbrushes, charcoal, or any other art supplies. Scientists and hobbyists can take advantage of these canisters for conducting controlled experiments or safely storing chemicals. Furthermore, they can be used as pill storage containers or even for storing pet food during your travels.

Convenient Size

With an outer diameter of 33mm, inner diameter of 30mm, and height of 54mm, these canisters strike the perfect balance between compactness and usability. Their small size allows for easy portability, fitting comfortably in pockets, purses, or backpack compartments. Despite the compact design, they offer ample storage space to accommodate various small items, making them an ideal choice for both practical and organizational needs.

Easy Identification

The canisters’ clear plastic design provides a convenient way to identify the contents without the need to open them. This feature comes in handy when you have multiple canisters with different items and need quick access to a specific one. The transparent material ensures visibility, allowing you to locate the desired canister effortlessly and save time in rummaging through your items.


The 35mm Caliber Plastic Film Canisters-20pc (Clear) are durable, versatile, and secure storage options suitable for various purposes. With their robust construction, these canisters can withstand rough handling and protect your items from accidental damage. Whether you use them for school projects, storing small objects, conducting experiments, or organizing various items, these canisters provide a convenient and reliable solution. The secure lids ensure that nothing gets lost, and the compact size allows for easy portability. With these canisters, you can say goodbye to the hassle of misplacing small items and confidently carry your belongings wherever you go.

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