3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-R

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Product Specification:
– Format: DVD-R
– Capacity: 1.4 GB
– Duration: 30 minutes
– Speed: 4X
– Diameter: 3 inches (8cm)
– Packaging: Shrinkwrap
– Quantity: 50 discs in a pack
– Printable surface: Full-face, hub printable
– Printable technology: High-resolution color inkjet printing
– Stacking ring or groove: No stacking ring or groove present

No products found.

Editor’s Review


The 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs in Shrinkwrap are a great option for those looking for mini DVD-Rs that offer high-quality printing capabilities. With a storage capacity of 1.4 GB (30 minutes), these DVD-Rs are perfect for short videos or data backups.


  • 3-Inch Mini 4X DVD-Rs (8cm): The smaller size of these DVD-Rs makes them ideal for portable devices and video cameras.
  • No Stacking Ring or Groove: Unlike regular DVD-Rs, these mini DVD-Rs do not have a stacking ring or groove. This design feature allows for full-face, hub printing, maximizing the printable surface area.
  • High-Resolution Color Inkjet Printing: The printable surface of these DVD-Rs is specifically designed for high-resolution color inkjet printing. You can expect vibrant and sharp printed labels that complement your content.
  • 50-Pak in Shrinkwrap: The DVD-Rs come in a convenient 50-pack shrinkwrap, ensuring that they remain protected during storage and transportation.


The design of the 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs is sleek and minimalistic. The absence of a stacking ring or groove gives these DVD-Rs a clean look, making them great for professional use.

Furthermore, the white inkjet hub surface allows for full-face printing with no limitations. Whether you want to print a photo, a logo, or a custom design, the printable surface will accommodate your needs.

Printing Performance

The standout feature of these DVD-Rs is their exceptional printing performance. Thanks to the high-resolution color inkjet printable surface, the printed labels appear vibrant and sharp. Images, text, and colors all come out brilliantly, resulting in professional-looking discs.

Whether you’re a photographer looking to create a portfolio on DVD or a filmmaker wanting to showcase your work, the printing capabilities of these DVD-Rs ensure that your content is presented in the best possible way.

Storage Capacity

With a storage capacity of 1.4 GB, these mini DVD-Rs can hold up to 30 minutes of video or a significant amount of data. While the capacity is lower compared to standard DVD-Rs, it is ample for shorter videos or essential data backups.

Whether you’re creating personalized DVDs for family gatherings or need to store crucial files, the 1.4 GB capacity of these DVD-Rs offers ample space to meet your needs.


The 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs are designed with durability in mind. The shrinkwrap packaging ensures that the discs are protected from scratches, dust, and other external factors during storage and transportation.

Additionally, the high-quality construction of the DVD-Rs themselves makes them resistant to damage. You can trust that your data or videos are safe and secure on these discs.


These DVD-Rs are compatible with most DVD burners and players that support 8cm mini DVD-Rs. Before purchasing, it is recommended to check the compatibility with your specific device to ensure smooth playback and burning.

Whether you’re using a portable DVD player, a DVD recorder, or a computer with a DVD drive, these DVD-Rs should work seamlessly with most devices.

Value for Money

The 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs offer excellent value for money. With a pack of 50 DVD-Rs, you receive ample storage capacity and printing capabilities at an affordable price.

Compared to other mini DVD-R options on the market, these DVD-Rs stand out with their full-face printable surface, exceptional printing results, and durability. You can rely on these DVD-Rs to meet your multimedia and data storage needs without breaking the bank.


The 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs in Shrinkwrap are a reliable and cost-effective solution for those in need of mini DVD-Rs. With their high-resolution color inkjet printable surface, sleek design, and ample storage capacity, these DVD-Rs are suitable for various applications.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a filmmaker, or simply looking to create personalized DVDs for special occasions, these DVD-Rs offer exceptional printing performance and durability. The 50-pack shrinkwrap ensures that your discs remain safe during storage and transportation, giving you peace of mind.

If you’re in the market for mini DVD-Rs that deliver on both quality and value, the 50-Pak 3-Inch White Inkjet Hub Mini DVD-Rs in Shrinkwrap are an excellent choice.

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