10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens for Canon Rebel T5


Product Specification:
– Type: Close-Up (Macro) Lens
– Magnification: 10x
– Lens Element: 2 elements
– Lens Diameter: 82mm
– Compatibility: Canon Rebel T5
– Design: High Definition (Beveled Design)
– Close-Up Lens: +10
– Glass Material: High-Index / Low-Dispersion Optical Glass
– Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated & Threaded
– Coating Type: Anti-Reflection Coating
– Autofocus: High Speed Auto-Focus
– Infrared Compatibility: Compatible with Infrared

10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens (82mm) for Canon Rebel T5
  • High Definition (Beveled Design) +10 Close-Up Lens
  • High-Index / Low-Dispersion 2 Element Optical Glass
  • Fully Multi-Coated & Threaded
  • Anti-Reflection Coating
  • High Speed Auto-Focus / Infrared Compatible

Editor’s Review


The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens for Canon Rebel T5 is a must-have accessory for photographers looking to explore the world of macro photography. Designed specifically for Canon Rebel T5 cameras, this lens allows you to capture stunning close-up images with exceptional clarity and detail. With its high index/low dispersion optical glass and fully multi-coated and threaded design, this lens delivers exceptional image quality and versatility. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and performance of this macro lens.

Design and Build Quality

The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens features a beveled design, which gives it a sleek and professional look. The lens is made of high-quality materials and feels solid and durable in the hand. The build quality is impressive, and it is evident that attention to detail has been given to every aspect of the lens.

The lens is fully threaded, allowing for easy attachment of filters, lens hoods, and other accessories. This threaded design ensures a secure and stable connection, eliminating the chances of accidental detachment during shooting. Additionally, the lens has an anti-reflection coating that minimizes ghosting and flare, resulting in clear and crisp images, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Optical Performance

The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens boasts a high index/low dispersion 2 element optical glass. This advanced glass technology ensures superior image quality, with minimal chromatic aberration and distortion. The lens is fully multi-coated, which further enhances the optical performance by reducing reflections and maximizing light transmission.

When used for macro photography, this lens delivers outstanding results. It provides a magnification factor of 10x, allowing you to capture intricate details that are impossible to see with the naked eye. Whether you are photographing flowers, insects, or any other small subjects, the close-up lens enables you to explore a whole new world of photography. The images produced are sharp, with excellent color reproduction and impressive contrast.

Auto-Focus and Infrared Compatibility

The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens is equipped with high-speed auto-focus technology. This feature ensures that you can easily and quickly focus on your subject, even in challenging shooting conditions. The lens motor operates silently, allowing you to shoot discreetly without disturbing your subjects. The auto-focus performance is smooth and accurate, ensuring sharp and well-focused images.

In addition to its auto-focus capabilities, this lens is also infrared compatible. This means that it can be used with infrared remotes or other infrared devices, expanding its functionality and versatility. Whether you are capturing macro images of flowers in your garden or wildlife in a nature reserve, the infrared compatibility of this lens opens up new possibilities in your photography.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens is specifically designed for use with Canon Rebel T5 cameras. It easily attaches to the camera body and provides a secure fit. The lens is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and handle during photography sessions. The fully threaded design ensures a hassle-free attachment and detachment process, allowing for quick setup and adjustments.

Using this lens is straightforward, even for beginners. Simply mount it on your camera, and you are ready to start capturing stunning macro images. The lens controls, such as the focus ring, are smooth and easy to operate, facilitating intuitive and precise adjustments. The lens comes with a user manual that provides detailed instructions on its use, making it easy to get started and make the most of its features.


In conclusion, the 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens for Canon Rebel T5 is a versatile and high-performing accessory for photographers interested in macro photography. With its beveled design, high index/low dispersion optical glass, and fully multi-coated and threaded construction, this lens offers exceptional image quality and versatility. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, this lens will allow you to explore the fascinating world of macro photography and capture stunning close-up images with ease. Its auto-focus and infrared compatibility further enhance its capabilities, making it a valuable addition to any photographer’s kit. The 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens is a reliable and high-quality product that will undoubtedly elevate your photography to the next level.

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