100-Pack Phat Sacks 7-Gallon Fabric Grow Pot


Product Specification:
– Brand: HTGSupply
– Model: 100-Pack Phat Sacks
– Quantity: 100 pots
– Pot Type: Fabric Grow Pot
– Capacity: 7-Gallon (trade size)
– Material: Breathable felt
– Construction: Premium fabric
– Suitable for: Soil or soilless medium
– Drainage: Superior drainage
– Aeration: Provides superior aeration
– Root Stimulation: Produces air-pruning effect to stimulate root branching and development
– Easy Transport: Integrated handles for easy transporting
– Pot Dimensions: 14.5″ diameter x 12″ high
– Note: 7-gallon label is a trade size, equivalent to approximately 0.7 standard gallons.

HTGSupply Phat Sacks 7-Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Black Fabric Grow Pot - 100-Pack
  • Premium fabric planter / nursery container for soil or soilless medium
  • Breathable felt material construction provides superior drainage and aeration
  • Produces air-pruning effect which stimulates root branching and development
  • Integrated handles for easy transporting
  • Pot dimensions: 14.5" diameter x 12" high ; Please note: 7-gallon label is a trade-size. Nursery-container-gallon is equal to approximately .7...

Editor’s Review


The HTGSupply 100-Pack Phat Sacks 7-Gallon Fabric Grow Pot is a premium fabric planter and nursery container designed for both soil and soilless medium. Its breathable felt material construction allows for superior drainage and aeration, promoting healthy root growth. With integrated handles for easy transportation, these pots are convenient and practical for any gardener. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of the HTGSupply Phat Sacks, discussing their effectiveness and potential drawbacks.

Superior Drainage and Aeration:

One of the standout features of the HTGSupply Phat Sacks is their breathable felt material construction. This unique fabric allows for excellent drainage, preventing overwatering and root rot. Traditional plastic pots can often trap moisture, leading to stagnant water and a suffocating root system. However, with these fabric grow pots, excess water is efficiently drained, reducing the risk of waterlogged soil and promoting healthier plants.

The porous nature of the fabric also enhances aeration, ensuring that oxygen can reach the roots more effectively. This is especially beneficial for plants grown in soilless mediums like coco coir or hydroponics, where oxygen availability is crucial for optimal root development. The breathability of the fabric material is a significant advantage of the HTGSupply Phat Sacks, resulting in improved overall plant health and growth.

Air-Pruning Effect:

The Phat Sacks fabric grow pots facilitate an air-pruning effect, which is advantageous for root branching and development. As the roots grow and come into contact with the fabric, they are exposed to air, signaling them to stop growing in a circular pattern. Instead, they branch outwards, creating a denser and more robust root system.

This air-pruning effect helps prevent root circling, a common issue that occurs in traditional plastic pots. When roots circle around the pot’s edges, they can become constricted and unable to uptake nutrients and water efficiently. The HTGSupply Phat Sacks eliminate this problem, allowing the roots to spread out and explore the surrounding soil or medium fully.

Integrated Handles for Easy Transporting:

Transporting plants can often be a cumbersome task, especially when dealing with larger pots. The HTGSupply Phat Sacks address this issue with their convenient integrated handles. These handles are attached to the sides of the pots, making it effortless to lift and move them around without straining your back or risking accidental drops.

The handles are sturdy and well-made, providing a secure grip even when the pots are filled with soil and plants. This feature is particularly useful for gardeners who need to reposition their plants regularly or for those who require portability due to space constraints. The inclusion of integrated handles adds a level of convenience and practicality to the HTGSupply Phat Sacks.

Optimal Pot Dimensions:

The HTGSupply Phat Sacks come in a size of 14.5″ in diameter and 12″ in height. These dimensions offer ample space for root growth, allowing plants to establish a healthy and robust root system. The diameter provides enough room for the roots to spread outwards, avoiding overcrowding, which can impede growth and nutrient uptake.

Additionally, the height of the pots accommodates the depth necessary for proper root development. The depth of soil or medium plays a crucial role in encouraging plants to grow strong and sturdy roots. With the HTGSupply Phat Sacks, you can rest assured that your plants have the ideal environment for root expansion.

It’s important to note that the 7-gallon label on the pots is a trade-size and not an exact measurement. The actual nursery-container-gallon equivalent is approximately .7 standard gallons. Gardeners should consider this when planning their grow operations and ensure they have ample space for their plants.


  • Premium fabric construction for superior drainage and aeration
  • Air-pruning effect stimulates root branching and development
  • Integrated handles for easy transportation
  • Optimal pot dimensions for healthy root growth


  • 7-gallon label is a trade-size, not an exact measurement
  • Might not be suitable for extremely large plants that require more significant root space


In conclusion, the HTGSupply 100-Pack Phat Sacks 7-Gallon Fabric Grow Pot provides excellent functionality and convenience for both beginner and experienced gardeners. With its premium fabric construction, superior drainage, and aeration capabilities, this grow pot ensures optimal root health and growth. The air-pruning effect and integrated handles further enhance the overall user experience.

While the 7-gallon label may not accurately represent the precise measurement, it is essential to consider the effective size of the pots when planning your gardening project. Additionally, if you are growing extremely large plants that require substantial root space, you might need to explore alternative options.

Overall, the HTGSupply Phat Sacks are a reliable choice for anyone looking to create an optimal growing environment. Whether you are growing in soil or soilless medium, these pots will help you achieve healthier plants with a thriving root system. With the added benefit of easy transportation, the HTGSupply Phat Sacks are a practical investment for any gardener seeking success in their grow operations.

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