Haunted Hill Farm 2.5 ft. Animated Groundbreaker Zombie Nurse Decoration

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Haunted Hill Farm – Type: Animated Groundbreaker Zombie Nurse Decoration – Size: 2.5 ft. (height) – Appearance: Creepy nurse with blood-stained apron, sickly skin, and sunken-in eyes – Eye Color: Red (flashing) – Arms: Poseable and bendable with slender skeleton hands – Effect: Sound effects with haunted nursery rhymes, music, … Read more

SHOWPIN Precision Screwdriver Set

Specifications Product Specification: – Precision screwdriver set with 122 pieces. – Includes 98 screwdriver bits, 3 TorxTR screwdriver bits, and 21 auxiliary tools. – Auxiliary tools include screwdriver handle, flexible shaft, extension rod, magnetizer, magnetic pad, and cleaning brush. – Designed for repairing smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, PC, PS4, Xbox, drones, cameras, etc. – Screwdriver … Read more

Aquascape Tsurumi 3PL Submersible Pump

Specifications Product 1: – Aquascape Tsurumi 3PL Submersible Pump for Ponds, Skimmer Filters, and Pondless Waterfalls – Pumps up to 3,000 gallons per hour (GPH) – Constructed of stainless steel and composite resin for strength and corrosion resistance – Semi-vortex impeller design enables the pump to handle solids efficiently and effectively – Energy-efficient, continuous-duty motor … Read more

Gloria Messing-Spezial-Flachstrahldüse

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: GLORIA 000111.0000 Messing-Spezial-Flachstrahld√ºse – Material: Messing (Brass) – Type: Spezial-Flachstrahld√ºse (Special Flat Spray Nozzle) – Liquid distribution: Precise over wide pressure range – Ideal for devices with control (presumably adjustable or regulated devices) – Wetting Grade: Very good – Works at low pressure leeway-reducing (ability to operate efficiently at … Read more

6″ Mini Trowel

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: 6″ Mini Trowel – Model Number: 14-33MINI – Trowel Size: 6 inches – V Notch Size: 3/16″ x 3/16″ x 5/32″ Editor’s Review Introduction The 6″ Mini Trowel with 3/16″x 3/16″x 5/32″ V notches, also known as the 14-33MINI, is a versatile tool designed for precise and accurate troweling … Read more

Child Safety Net Climbing Netting

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: LPLND Child Safety Net Climbing Netting – Material: Hemp rope – Diameter: 12mm – Mesh spacing: 10cm – Size: 46M (1320ft) – Function: Child safety net, anti-fall stair nets, fence nets, ceiling decorative nets, hammocks, wall decoration – Features: – Hand-made woven net – High-grade sturdy woven fabric – Professional … Read more

Garden Apron with Pockets

Specifications – Product Name: Gold Line Garden Apron with Pockets Harvest Fruit Vegetable Picking Bag – Size: One Size (17.7″ x 20.2″ Inches) – Adjustable Neck & Waist for a comfortable fit – Material: Water-resistant and durable fabric – Elastic waistband for easy wearing – Cell phone pocket for convenient storage – Easy buckle for … Read more

GDMING Collapsible Water Tank

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: GDMING Collapsible Water Tank – Usage: Outdoor portable cube water storage bag for agricultural drought resistance water collector with spigot – Customizable: Yes – Color: Blue – Size: 6000L/3x2x1m – Transport Water: Large-caliber water injection port for easy filling and connection with a water hose – Material: Food-grade high … Read more

Galcon AC-12S 12-Station Irrigation Controller

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: Galcon 80512S AC-12S – Type: Irrigation Controller – Operating Capacity: Controls 12 valves plus master valve – Time Options: Operates in seconds, minutes, and hours – Suitable Applications: Irrigation, misting, and propagation – Installation: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use – Additional Feature: Sensor input for enhanced functionality – … Read more

Tiffen 77VND 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Tiffen – Model: 77VND – Compatibility: Camera Lenses – Filter Diameter: 77mm – Color: Black – Light Control: Provides 2 to 8 stops of light control depending on lens focal distance – Profile: Thin profile black rotating ring (9 millimeter) – Filter Ring Material: Black aluminum – Vignette Reduction: Wider … Read more